Simple Loose Leaf | New site and looking at offering club in Canada

Hey Cuppa Lovers,

Simple Loose Leaf is looking at offering our Selection Club, previously “You Pick It” Club, to our great northern neighbors. The only thing we are working out is what the extra shipping should be. We are looking at charging an extra $5 per shipment, which would bring the total from $15/month to $20/month. We would really like to know if this price range is okay? Besides the shipping charge the club would be the exact club we offer in the US.

We also have a new sight which you can see at We still have our other website going, it is our new retail portal. Anyone that has purchased from us before will be able to find their account info if they click on the “Store” navigation button.

As always, have a great day.

Andrew F

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TeaLady441 said

Wow, so no replies on this thread eh?
I just had some samples of your teas that I enjoyed so I looked you up in the forum and found this thread. I think $20 might be a reasonable price for tea, especially if I picked two 2 oz selections.

I’m just comparing that to my Amoda subscription which is $12/month and has only 3 samples of .4 oz each (or roughly that? I couldn’t tell you for sure but they are small bags…) I am happy with Amoda because they introduce me to tea blenders I’ve never heard of before, or teas I would not purchase otherwise, but I do like how your subscription allows more choice.

Is there any option to just buy tea from your site as well? What if I fall in love with a tea and it’s not offered as a choice?

Yeah I thought this thread would get more comment but…

Yeah the $5 dollar is just the difference between our US shipping costs and Canadian shipping costs.

We have a store where if you like the tea you go your can order more of it. We will not care the teas all year but they will be available for the 3 (or so) months following their appearance on a menu. We aren’t really a retail tea store, there are already some pretty awesome ones out there, but we don’t want to ignore our customers that may want more of a given tea.

Thanks for your comments.

TeaLady441 said

That makes sense! I realize it’s expensive to ship over the border, and while I try to minimize shipping costs when I can, I realize that’s just something I have to deal with if I want to branch out and try more tea. :D

And that’s good news about the store, although I understand why you don’t want to focus on that route; you want to specialize with the subscription and that’s cool. Also, if you do open up, and offer the Canadian subscription let me know.

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