Memorial Day Tin Sale!

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By the way, I think one of the most overlooked teas on our website is the Sheri’s Blend. (Sheri is my wife, it is her favorite.)

It’s a caffeine-free African rooibos with dried apricot, cinnamon and marigolds, and it is amazing hot or iced. We only made a few of the tins with the 12 quart-sized tea sachets in them (they were kind of a pain in the tush), and I don’t think we will be making them again in the future. But if you are looking for a great tea, you won’t be disappointed in this one. Plus the tins with the tea sachets in them would make a great gift for someone new to specialty teas—no fuss, no mess, just great iced tea!

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Math Brisk said

Nooooo why ? Just tell me why on earth did I checked Steepster again for the 50th time today and stumbled upon this deal. Arg ! I have to stop buying and start drinking !

First order from 52teas, grabbed the Peach&Banana green, Vanilla Cheesecake chai, PB Chocolate cup black and White Choco Cashew black…

And I thought I considered myself a purist with no love for flavored teas.. hmm nothing wrong with exploring new horizons right ?

GREAT choices for your first order! Thanks so much for your business.

You guys are rocking my weekend! It has been a really slow month. Our local kids had finals and are now out of school (which seems to put a dent in our local traffic for the first few weeks of summer anyway) and with the weather turning warm, everything slows down a little. But our weekend sale is close to making up for some of the shortcomings of the month. Thank you all!

Cofftea said

52teas will so sucker you in. Well now you can say you only like flavored teas that make you go “THAT’S a flavor of tea?!” hehe;)

Cofftea said

Are ya getting this Frank… a lot of cheesecake blends are going. Hint, hint. Turtle cheesecake? Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake?

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Cinoi said

I couldn’t resist a Coconut Cream Pie Tin…

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Just over two hours left!!!

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