Favorite Peppermint (on the ground) Tea?

I’ve just discovered that Tazo Refresh is my favorite peppermint tea that is readily available in stores. This is a problem for me, since I also have been trying to avoid Starbucks products at all costs for various reasons. Which in-store peppermint tea do you normally reach for? I’m leaning towards Traditional Medicinals since I’ve noticed that one has really high ratings here.

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Kaylee said

Twinings Pure Peppermint. Especially good for when I’m feeling sick.

Sipping on this tea right now. Not a big fan unfortunately :(

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ifjuly said

It’s got ginger too, and white tea (but you don’t taste it) so it might not be what you’re looking for, and I only reach for it when I’m sick or congested, but Stash’s White Christmas is a staple for me. When I am sick I burn through pots and pots a day of it.

I’m looking for a pure peppermint

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Uniquity said

I just buy loose peppermint from Davids. I like their spearmint as well. I’ve had it from a local store which is processed by the owner and that was quite sharp and enjoyable.

For bagged, even the cheap-o grocery store brands worked for me. Presidents Choice and No Name were fine. I love mint, but it mostly tastes the same.

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Dustin said

Are you talking herbal or tea? For herbal I like Trader Joe’s peppermint tea. It has been a while since I have drunk it, but I remember it having a nice clean and crisp taste.

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Does anybody know if it is possible to just put some mint leaves into a black tea, cold steep it, and then serve it as iced tea? Would it have the black tea taste as well as the nice mintyness that sort of opens your moth?

Kat said

Yes. I worked at a restaurant for awhile that served iced black tea with mint. We made it in vats, but I’m pretty sure that the volume (not weight) was about 1:1 black tea to dried mint leaves. I would play around with ratios though. I have been experimenting some, but I’m lazy and I never keep track. We also brewed it hot, just as a note.

I’m also from the South, and we brew iced tea with fresh mint leaves all the time too. (I’ll make it either way, depending upon what I have.) I just brew my black iced tea normally except I through a few mint sprigs in with the tea while it brews. And sometimes I leave them in as well while the tea sits and cools down (I brew all my iced tea hot, as cold brewing tastes not the same to me.) I imagine if you wanted to cold brew iced tea, you could just crush some mint leaves into the water and have them sit in with the tea while it brewed. I haven’t tried that, though.

I also just used bagged black tea to make iced tea. Like the Lipton (actually Luzianne, but same difference) is important to how I grew up understanding iced tea. But I imagine using higher quality tea with the mint leaves/ dried mint, will have the same effect.

I’m going to have to try it then. I feel like rather than putting half as much black tea with the 1:1 ratio in the same amount of water, I would want to put as many teaspoons full of crushed mint in as I did tea to make sure I got all the flavor out of both.

I grew up with on black tea steeped with fresh spearmint leaves.. always brewed hot. We use enough black tea to make the ice tea and then add a handful of fresh spearmint to the steeping basket… love my summer time tea!

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Kat said

Okay, this is kind of a double post, but I came here to state this and got distracted by the iced tea question and I didn’t think this was attached to that train of thought, thus new comment. I grew up on Celestial Seasonings Peppermint tea, and I do believe it is somehow significantly better than other bagged peppermint teas. I know they are all really the same, but it’s just different. I also think it’s as good as buying dried mint and mixing it on your own. Seriously, Celestial Seasonings. It’s magic mint.

I thought Refresh was a green tea with peppermint? I’m probably mistaken. But if it is, you may enjoy Moroccan Mint blends too, or blending your own. ( I blended “moroccan mint” tea for Christmas gifts this year, and it came out totally wonderful. The gunpowder and mint were really high quality though. But obviously it wasn’t like super authentic or anything. ) Although MM blends tend to use Spearmint over Peppermint, which I’m really weary of, because my mom thinks Spearmint is disgusting so I have a weird learned bias against it.

I grew up on Celestial Seasonings too, and loved it. Maybe I’m just getting snooty, but I definitely enjoy Refresh way more. It has a little bit of spearmint and tarragon in it, maybe that’s what I’m missing in all these other teas.

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