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moraiwe said

My younger sister started on Blue and I started on Red, and we played together up till Gen IV when I got a DS and she didn’t. I’ve played all of them up to (and including) Black/White 2, but I never got a 3DS, so I don’t know when I’ll get to X/Y.

I was really serious about the competitive meta game in both Gen IV and Gen V, and spent way more time contributing on Smogon and breeding for ideal natures and IVs and then EV training. In the end, I had a pretty aweaome team for both singles and doubles. I’ve been helping a friend do the same in his X copy, but living vicariously through him isnt quite the same.

My brother is who got me into competitive battling. He’s been doing it since gen 4, but I just finally got sick of losing to him and so now I’m putting together my own competitive team. I have 2/6 trained/completed and right now am working on catching Moltres to begin training, and EV training my Smeargle. Then I’ll have to go about sketching the moveset I want her to learn…

moraiwe said

Fiance would never battle with me after I explained to him what I was doing haha. It’s a huge, huge pain. From what I gathered, X/Y made it a whole lot easier to obtain and breed perfect IV babies, so that’s a definite good thing! Still, in spite of the the whole 400 hours of my life gone thing, I found it rewarding.

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So, after six hours of hunting for my legendary bird and then, after finding it, killing it six times (thank God for saving) I am now the proud owner of a Moltres!

moraiwe said

Woo! Way to go! Have fun training him :)

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Uniquity said

I get bored quickly when I play Pokemon but I was a fiend for Pokemon Snap, back in the day. We actually have it on the Wii as the beau is a big Pokemon guy. He is currently playing a fan made version which combines a couple of the older games. I of course can’t remember what it’s called, but he’s loving it. I am only familiar with the original 150. :(

He would like to buy a 3DS for Pokemon, and I would buy one for Luigi’s Mansion.

Pokemon Snap was awesome! My brother has it on his Wii – but that’s a whole city away, so I don’t play anymore. I loved getting the swarm of Charmanders though! So cute :3

moraiwe said

Pokemon Snap was amazing. I haven’t played it since my sister took the N64 with her to college though. Wii makes me think of Pokemon Rumble though, which was way more fun than it had any right to be.

There are some amazing Pokemon fan games out there! Do you know if he’s ever played Melanite or Zeta/Omicron?

Uniquity said

I just checked and he is playing Omicron right now, that is the one he is really liking. Apparently one of my brothers is playing Zeta. Who know?! And now you’ve reminded the beau that he wants to play Melanite. I feel like I should have stayed out of this one! :)

Pyroxy select said

Gods, I had forgotten about Snap! That was probably my favourite non-standard Pokemon game back in the day…and I had no idea that it was on the Wii.

If you can find the name of the fan-game could you let me know? I’d love to check it out. :)

Oh man. Pokemon Snap was so much fun. I loved playing that game. I still do actually, now that I got a N64 for my apartment. XD
Remember when you could take the pictures you took in the game and get them printed as stickers? I was never able to get any, which was a bummer.

Uniquity said

@Pyroxy – I bought it through the wii store, whatever that is called. It was $8 or $10 but you have to get a card for the wii points which was annoying. I also got Doctor Mario which I LOVE! And Yoshi’s Story. And Donkey Kong.

The fan game he is loving now is apparently Omicron.

moraiwe said

Oooh Omicron. I’m playing its sibling Zeta right now and six badges in. So good!

Pyroxy select said

And I just started playing Omicron. There goes my free time. :D

moraiwe said

It was nice knowing you, Pxroxy. There’s a second region and levels go above 100, so it’ll be a while before we see you again :p

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Sushi said

Poooookemoooooon. I started playing R/B/Y as a kid when I borrowed my next door neighbor’s Gameboy (who had lent it to my brother), and despite already being into the TCG and the anime, I was hooked even more.

The problem is I’m great at getting behind in my games. I didn’t finish Diamond until this year. Yes, really. I just started Black over the holidays, so it’ll be awhile.

And yes, I usually brew a cuppa before playing. Sometimes a Pokemon tea—yep, someone on Adagio made some Pokemon blends.

After all these years I still haven’t come across a shiny. :(

Gotta steep ’em all!

Hah – I’m gonna steel that last line ;)

I’m in day three now of Masuda method egg hatching for a shiny Espurr :/

It’s ok – I own Diamond/Platinum but haven’t played them through to completion. I really want to finish Platinum though :(

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Cavocorax said

Hey guys! I just spent my birthday money on a 3DS after bemoaning that I hadn’t played a Zelda game since the N64 days. Yikes!

So I’m nearly done a Link Between Worlds, and I’m trying to figure out what to play next. I’m considering Pokemon, but I’m really confused by where to start. I don’t really know much about the series except that it’s supposed to be a lot of fun, and to have more depth than it might originally appear to.

I have a friend who is playing X if that makes a difference for swaps or other social things. What do you guys think? Where should a noob start?

And how do the paired games work? IE, what’s the difference between X and Y?

Also, should I just run away now before I get sucked in?

And my friend code is: 2251-6307-5426. ;)

you can catch some different pokemons, and some have different evolutions between X and Y. If you friend has X, you should get Y if you want to trade.

But really, it doesn’t matter and pick which lengendary pokemon and mega you like best http://kotaku.com/which-version-should-you-buy-pokemon-x-or-pokemon-y-1444397068 and you can trade through the ingame pokemon trading system for whatever you want (though the specific Charizard and Mewtwo might be tricky to get)

Pokemon can get complicated, but is fun if you are a casual. Complicated as in mass breeding for perfect pokemon and training – but that’s really for playing with other similar competitive players.

I haven’t played in awhile, but I keep meaning to. I almost want to start over if I do.

Oh, how was Link Between Worlds? I was almost going to buy it and Tomodachi Life off a Bestbuy sale but it sold out :(

Cavocorax said

Yeah, I’m totally jealous of your B1G1 sale – that’s so awesome. Try taking the coupon to Walmart and getting it there? Apparently some Canadians have done that and gotten the deal as well, but that doesn’t seem right when it’s a US ad.

I LOVE Link Between Worlds. It’ll probably take about 18-20 hours to beat the game, but it’s like a revamped version of the SNES game – similar map but different story, and you’ve got the ability to smoosh up against the wall like Paper Mario. I’m really enjoying it and the puzzles but I don’t feel like it’s super challenging either (like Oracle of Ages was?)

I was eyeing Tomadachi Life, but now I have a friend who wants me to get Animal Crossing New Leaf, so I’ll probably do that so we can play together.

Thanks for the link and the input though! Maybe I’ll grab one so that when the next ones are out in the Fall, I’ll be ready!

I’ll get Link Between Worlds sometime soon then – sounds good. I got Animal Crossing – that game is really fun! Another game I haven’t played in awhile, my town will be weeding hell.
Fire Emblem is also amazing if you are into more strategy games.

I’ll FC add you once I charge my 3DS, I haven’t been playing much – been busy this summer so far!

Cavocorax said

Sweet. And nothing wrong with being too busy to play video games. :P I do most of my gaming on the bus – so that’s just down time anyway.

Cavocorax said

I saw good things about Fire Emblem on reddit. I’ll try to remember that. I’ll probably grab Mario Kart at some point too because… I gotta? And I’ll try the demo for Bravely Default but ppl seem to be really divided on that one… Mostly I probably want to stick with more casual games because when I get home I have eto put the 3ds down and do parent things. ;P

Fire Emblem is great. Haven’t really played many of the new ones yet. I’m also really into Harvest Moon. Because farming!

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Am I the only one who doesn’t really like Black and the sequel? The new graphics bugged me. So I only played those for a little bit. Still have Pearl and SoulSilver someplace. Should play those again soon.

What tea goes with the games anyway?

Cavocorax said

Would you recommend that I start somewhere else? I think the 3DS will play all the old ones too?

Lol, you could always drink white tea and play White or drink black tea and play Black. I liked Black/White just for the fact they forced you to play with the new generation of Pokemon and the story line was pretty good, but I definitely didn’t like the sequels that much. Personally I own Black and White2 (among many others). Or by extension, Green tea with either Emerald/LeafGreen or Rooibos (“Red Tea”) with Ruby/FireRed.

@Cavo, have you never played any of the games? Or is it just that you haven’t played in a long time. Honestly, I would urge you not to start with Black/White (or the sequels) regardless as they only allow you to use 5th generation Pokemon (which is simultaneously awesome and shitty). SoulSilver/HeartGold would be great if you’re familiar with past Pokemon games/generations, but also are just really fantastic in general.

And the newest ones, X and Y, are also amazing! They incorporate all generations and have the best graphics and an amazing story line.

As for what your 3DS can play; it’ll only be able to play from Gen. 4 onwards (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, HeartGold, Black, White, Black2, White2, X, and Y) – it lacks the larger “slot” for anything older (Red, Blue/Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, LeafGreen, and FireRed). However a regular DS or DSLite can play those ones.

Cavocorax said

I think I played Red a little way back in the day? It was on the GBA? But I only played for a few hours, borrowed from a friend, and I don’t really remember it except I was confused and worried I wasn’t playing it right. :P

And thanks RS for clearing that up. So I can’t do the old games, but there’s a ton of news ones out there – cool. :) And I bet they’re fairly cheap too….

(Which is good bc I just bought the Adventure Time game today purely on impulse…)

Cavocorax said

Lariel – I’m not sure what tea would go with them, but I hear Pokemon is all about ‘gotta catch them all’, and a lot of tea drinkers here are ‘gotta sip them all’. Seems like a pretty easy compaarison there. Haha. Maybe each pokemon has their own tea?

I think maybe each type could have it’s own tea.

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Cavocorax said

So I grabbed Pokemon Y and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I’ve only got one gym badge, and 46 Pokemon but it’s fun catching things and getting them to evolve.

I am REALLY overthinking everything though. I was wondering how many of each pokemon I should catch, and how I can keep track of that, and how I should sort my boxes and how to trade, and how to make sure I don’t get ripped off in a trade and then…. PHEW…. I just sorta backed off and decided to try not to worry about all that so much and just go fight and collect and explore.

I think that I might want to grab Omega Ruby when that comes out in November. Do you guys know if your pokemon will transfer over to the next game? I guess you have to use/pay for Pokebank? Anyone planning to grab the new games?

And there I go with the questions again. :P But I’m happy to see that there are others here who play pokemon! /waves excitedly/ OHAI!

I’m definitely getting the Sapphire remake! And yes, you should be able to trade over Pokemon (without Pokebank). Who did you pick as a starter?

Cavocorax said

I did Fennekin and named her Foxface because I’m creative like that. And then I didn’t name ANYONE else. :P

That’s sweet you’re getting Sapphire – then we can trade things if I actually find anything cool. I decided on Ruby only because the whale thing didn’t really do it for me. Also Omega sounds much cooler too – apocalyptic? The stories are pretty nearly identical though, right?

I’ve also (almost) got my first friend! We’re friends on the 3DS but I guess we might need to be online and in game at the same time for him to show up on my screen? Still – I’m very excited.

I went for Froakie and nicknamed him Ebenezer! :) I nickname all my Pokes’ though.

Yeah, the games a pretty well identical; there are minor differences in which Pokemon are available per game (version exclusives) and then the antagonist in Ruby is Team Magma and in Sapphire Team Aqua.

Yeah, you’ll both need to be online to do stuff like battle or trade – but when you get to the Friend Safari you’ll be able to access his even if he’s not online.

Cavocorax said

Yes….. that sounds great. :D I WANT THEM ALL.
It’s far more fun than I expected.

And that’s adorable! I didn’t name them because there’s so many of them – I can’t come up with 500+ names? :O

I just group pokemon by type in my box. Sometimes I group by how I got them or if I’m breeding them.

And omg, I’m a min/max’er so you don’t want to know how many of each pokemon I catch and breed. I like to use strong pokemon, but I love cute ones too – I love Goomy so much!

You could probably snag a copy of white/black or white/black2 and once you beat the games and get the pokebank you can transfer them forward.

I’m probably going to get Ruby – my husband loves Kyogre so I didn’t have a choice!

oh hey, add me 1950 8228 9675

Oh – try the Wondertrade too. You might get some neat pokemon (but don’t send any of your good pokemons over yet)

When I get a 3DS finally, I’ll probably end up with ‘X’ and Alpha Sapphire. Are they going to have the same starters from the other sapphire game?

Cavocorax said

Sweet! I added you back. And for anyone else who’s interested, I’m 2251-6307-5426.

By type makes sense. I’m so new that I’m not sure what type each Pokemon is, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out. :P

I just caught the little goat Pokemon which made me really happy – speaking of cute. :P I grabbed 3 so I could evolve some, and keep a little one too to pet and hug.

That’s not a bad idea about going back to white/black2! It’ll give me more variety! I’ll see how long I play this one though bc if it keeps me busy until Nov I won’t need it.

I’ll keep Wondertrade in mind, but right now I’m afraid to trade with strangers in case I get ripped off or trade something shiny for something common?

I usually only name my starter, and secondary team member.

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Cwyn said

I played Red, and then got addicted to Pokemon Pinball, a game I still have. The Pokemon series started when my son was little, and he was very into it for a couple of years. He collected the original trading card series which I sold for quite a bit of money some years later.

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