Thermos good for carrying already made tea...?

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I use a Thermos brand travel mug-have for years-and it has served me faithfully. I haven’t noticed that it has absorbed tea-flavour but do make sure to wash it with hot water after every use. There is a company that makes yi-xing travel mugs. I’ll post it the next time I see them.

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Here are 2 sites that offer Yixing clay-lined thermoses for those who are interested:
I haven’t used either one but am considering getting one from Teavana to carry my Pu-Erh tea.

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joelbct said

i’ve been using SIGG bottles for a long time. i’m not 100% sure they are recommended for hot beverages, however, since there is I think some kind of internal coating, so caveat emptor, but they’ve worked great for me…

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stephanieb said

My favourite travel mug is one from David’s Tea. It’s awesome! I can make my tea before I leave for work in the morning (around 7:30) and it stays HOT well throughout the day! If I’m drinking it – taking the lid on and off throughout the day – then it’s cold by noon or a bit later, depending on how long the lid is off each time. If I keep the lid on, it stays hot well into the afternoon.

I love this one so much that I’m planning on buying a second one so I can leave one at work and keep one at home. The worst thing is when I forget it at work on a Friday afternoon and am without it all weekend for when I’m out and about!

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kuanyin said

For a thermos tumbler that would certainly keep your tea hot that long, I am in love with this one of mine.

What really impresses me is that it holds the heat, even after I drink most of it. I drink 2/3 and then go to lunch and the little bit left is still pleasantly warm an hour or more later. Also leak proof.

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Will said

The Zojirushi ones are quite nice. You can get some with either an infuser basket or a filter to keep leaves from getting into your mouth too. The one we have is just a standard one with no accessories, and works pretty well, either for already brewed tea, for keeping water hot for brewing of some teas, or for brewing grandpa style. When it’s full, it keeps liquid inside hot for quite a while.

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I got this Klean Kanteen insulated mug (12 oz) and it’s absolutely fantastic. Keeps tea hot for hours. I usually put tea I’ve already made into it, which is something I noticed in the original post; I also have some little cotton drawstring bags that allow me to brew tea on the go. I highly recommend this one—no leaks, no retained odors/flavors, and very easy to clean.

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I used to have this Timolino:
It kept the tea piping hot for HOURS and in cold conditions – I’d walk to work in 10degree weather, about 20 minutes, and the tea would still be so hot as to burn my tongue when I’d get there – but I noticed that the silicon stored flavors, and it kind of ruined the experience of drinking a Darjeeling when all I could smell was yesterday’s Earl Grey.

But I also have this Noble travel mug:
and I couldn’t be happier with it. It keeps the tea warm for awhile, it’s very pretty, and it’s sturdy as long as you don’t bang it around.

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Anika said

I bought a kleen kanteen for the purpose of tea and travel. It works great, keeps the tea steaming warm for awhile after, I always have to leave it cool before drinking. It claims to keep liquids warm for 6 hours, but I was never able to wait that long to test there claim. There has been no taste that has been left behind by tea or other drinks. I also got the cafe cap, which is not leak proof but it helps keep the heat in there a bit and makes it easier to drink.
Heres the link,

Ya! Represent for Chico, California!

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