slygirl said

NYC Coffee & Tea Festival 2014

What: NYC Coffee & Tea Festival
When: March 22-23, 2014

Last year my friend and I did a 3-day weekend and had a lot of fun! We made it a Tea Crawl weekend. Outside of the festival, we did a tea tasting at Fang Gourmet Tea, went to St. Alp’s Teahouse, had midnight tea at Bosie Tea Parlor, tried out the Tea Lounge at Harney & Sons SoHo, and shopped at DavidsTea and Palais des Thes.

We are planning our trip now and decided to do one High Tea so I’m compiling a spreadsheet. So far most of the luxury hotels in the city serve afternoon tea daily (!) and they are mostly the same price starting at $55 per person (more if you want Champagne).

Is anyone going this year?

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boychik said

there is a promo code for 50% off tickets till Jan31

I really want to go. im buying tickets today

slygirl said

Ooo! Last year there was an Amazon Local deal for $10. It ended up being a better deal because you didn’t have to pay taxes or fees. I’m not sure if I want to purchase now or hold off until it’s closer to the festival date.

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I will be there! :)

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pyarkaaloo said

omg i can’t even handle it! sooo exciting….i never heard about this festival before, wow.. i so wanna go!! thanks so much boychik for the promo code! if you purchase a 2-day pass at $30 it will only be $15…crazy!

i seriously see myself going wild here….don’t know how i’ll contain myself!!

OH DARN I missed the discount for two-day tickets. They didn’t have that last year :( Maybe it’s a good thing, because at that point I’d need to buckle down on my thesis.

Ah well, I will totally have a good time, regardless. Do go if you have the chance!

pyarkaaloo said

oh, whoops! i’m not sure actually…i assumed it could be good for both?

but if you’ve had experience with this before, you’re probably right.. either way, the tickets are very reasonably priced even without the discount!

yea i’m really excited to go, i live not too far from NYC!

i picture myself being let loose & overwhelmed…it will be a mad dash to each table to try every sample while taking note of the flavors before they run out. plus, it doesn’t help that i also like coffee! ;p

I re-checked the website and they do.

Oh dear, double trouble! It felt overwhelming when I first got there – the entire floor was bustling! – but I surprised myself with willpower xD

Some advice: If you want to receive a tote bag with a program and samples, you should make sure to arrive maybe at least an hour before the let event starts. A long line begins to form at a certain point. I learned that the hard way (I did get a tote bag though).

boychik said

i think its best to get there around 11 to beat the crowd. the only thing its a bad train service on weekends:(

I got a ticket for Saturday some time ago. Just checked and somehow it says it’s a VIP ticket with access to door at 10:00am and guaranteed gift bag!

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I went last year on Saturday and had an AMAZING time. I pretty much spent the entire day attending the lectures and being a part of T-Drunk’s gongfu tea tasting. I’ll be going again on Saturday and will hopefully be able to spend a lot more time wandering around! (If I do that, I’d need to hide my wallet :P) Also very excited for lectures on tea and on the Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

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Sil select said

Man…seriously considering this just because i can.

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I’ll be attending both days. One of my favorite events of the year :)

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Ali select said

Just bought my ticket for Saturday, yay! Great excuse to take the bus to NYC.

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Sounds great! I got my tickets and am planning transportation w/ my friend. Will go on Saturday only though.

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Here is a link to the Amazon local deal for the festival. $10 per day. Getting my tickets today. :)

I can come in the afternoon on Saturday and can do all day Sunday.

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I actually won’t be going after all since I’ll be holding down the fort at Tea Drunk. All are welcome to come unwind after the show though :)

Kaylee said

Aw! You’ll be missed!

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