Is this decent yixing?

Hi all!
I am new to the world of yixing clay teapots, and am still learning the ropes of identifying the good ones…
I’ve lurked around the internet to find tips and pointers on what to look for, but I’m finding often contradictory information (e.g. people say it should look matte, and then link to examples, which shine like a thousand suns)…

Do these look good right?

I know pictures aren’t ideal to go off as you can’t touch, and clink, and check the fit…
But is there anything prohibitive in the pictures that should be an immediate warning?

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Wow, those are cheap! Shipping is $10 outside China, so still a good price. I wonder if they are good quality too? Very tempting

Isn’t it!
I ordered some cups… waiting to receive them before I commit to a full teapot from them…

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Javan said

I’ll be interested in hearing your review of the cups. Thanks for pointing this site out to us.

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Honestly the fact that there are pictures of wheel-thrown clay in the banner worries me a bit, as yixing isn’t supposed to be wheel-thrown… It may have been stock photos, but at that point why not use something else that represents your practice better?

I’ve contacted one of the people who bought and reviewed their product to get some more leads. Very anxious to get an answer.

I was a little worried by the price range and what it might mean in terms of quality at first, but then again my first yixing pot was about $60 and appears to have all the behavior of good quality clay, and shows good craftsmanship.
So I guess I’ll have to wait and see

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Still haven’t received my cups, but I think they’re using regular mail, so not surprising.

I have, however, gotten news back from someone who ordered with them in the past and I’m hearing generally good things about the aesthetics, clay quality and craftsmanship: it clinks with a high-pitched sound, the lid fits well and putting a finger over the hole in it stops the flow, the clay holds the water well, no strange smells or discolorations.

So it sounds pretty encouraging :)

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So in case anyone is still reading this thread besides me :P…
I received the cups yesterday, and I’m very happy with them. That’s the listing, btw.

Shipping took about 2.5 weeks, but then again I’m literally on the other side of the world.
They arrived very well packaged in three feet of bubble wrap and an incredible amount of packing paper around each cup. Included was also a little buffing cloth.
They feel, look and sound the way yixing should: the clay is dry and grainy, it’s not shiny at all, and it gives off a high-pitched cling when I tap them together.
The clay is very thick, too, which makes them very pleasant to hold.
Water hangs very well on them.
At first I thought there was a trace of a strange smell to them, but I immediately realized it was from the packing material. None of it was left after boiling them for a half-hour, only a burn earth smell.
I seasoned them with some Ali Shan overnight, and they smell lovely now.
Very excited to use them :D

Thanks for posting this thread! Happy to hear they seem to be of good quality, I would eventually like to expand my Yixing collection to more than my one current pot I have and am happy to find some potential pots :)

nice, thank you for the update! I might order a pot from them soon.

I also recently ordered from I wrote about it here:

I can’t vow for the quality of the teapots from the etsy shop, but I ordered two from and am extremely happy with them. Definitely go have a look – great selection:)

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mrmopar said

Nice, glad everything came in as expected.

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