The Tea Game - Play to win free gift certificates and prizes!

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This first question is pretty easy and will win you 5 samples of any tea of your choice.

Everyone ready? Here comes the question….

Bring it…hope my refresh is fast enough!

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Tea comes from this plant, native to China, can you name the official plant name?

camilla sinesis

Cofftea said

Camila Senensis- I know I didn’t spell it right.

bah it was Camellia sinensis according to wiki bah on spelling

Ahhhhh….I can tell my refresh isn’t going to be fast enough…

Hit “F5” ? click like playing a online game (wow, etc)

Cofftea said

The anticipation of having to constanly press refresh waiting for the next ? may give me a heart attack. I was actually starting to hold my breath lol

AmazonV with her quick fingers, pulled out the first one. Remember, the questions will get harder as we go.

Here comes the next question…

Don’t worry about your spelling too much, as long as I know what you meant, you will get the point.

malomorgen said

hehe im sound asleep at that time of the day ;)

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Question 2:

This Chinese ruler was said to have discovered tea 5000 years ago, when a leaf from a tree fell from the sky and landed in a pot of water which was boiling, what was his name?

Chinese emperor and inventor Shennong


CRAP….stupid refresh

My internet is pretty slow tonight

Right, in 2737, Shen Nung was said to have discovered it. That was good for 5 more tea samples. Is everyone else having trouble getting the questions in time?

hints and tips – make sure your subscribed to the topic updates, and have your email open
have 1 google window open and 1 wikipedia window

Nah…just my slow internet…lol…

Cofftea said

Agh! Totally didn’t read the question right. Yeah mine’s a lil slow Daniel. I need to refresh then scroll down.

i guess i should thank verizon for being fast today, woo DSL

Yeah…I am SUPPOSED to have high speed

when we’re done call them and tell them they owe you some tea!

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Anyone else just get an Internal Server Error???

not me, i’ll try again

Cofftea said


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Let me see, there may be a chat room we can borrow for a minute.

if all else fails…gchat group chat

google wave?

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Here we go. I own an IT company called Dragonfly IT, and I use these chatrooms for clients meetings. I’ve created a special one for this contest, you can log in as a guest just by going to this url

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I’m in! Am I too late?

Hey, were all in my chat room finishing up the contest, you can join us by coming here

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Says the limit to the number of people who can go in has been reached. :-(

try again, the account is upgraded
crosses fingers

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malomorgen said

Game? Tea? Did someone just mentioned my 2 favorite words in one post?
Even tho i got almost no chance of winning this I’m sooo in ;)
Lookin forward to new tea knowledge.

malomorgen said

dang i missed it lol

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I will be having another game in two weeks. I will post the date and time. Sorry I didn’t give more notice on this! There will be plenty more tea to win!

Cofftea said

The chat room worked SO much better- actually that was almost half the fun:)

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