The Tea Game - Play to win free gift certificates and prizes!

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I am in…may the best man/woman win!

May’s game is over, Daniel will be posting June’s soon…can’t wait!

Cofftea said

In 2 weeks he said- unfortunately I’ll be gone. But then again I’ll be gone a lot in June.

-Jessica- said

I hope to be able to participate in the next one! Woo hoo! :-D

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Jason admin said

Let me know ([email protected]) next time your doing one of these cool contests and I’ll let more people know and help setup a group chat or something. This is a great idea!

Sure thing. I’m thinking in about two weeks. You’re more out to know the best time and day, where the most people can make it.

It worked out really well in the chat room. I happen to have a chatroom with Capefire for my IT company, and we used that, but it only allows 12 people at a time. I was going to install a chatroom into my tea web site for holding the contest. I use Joomla! cms and I can easily install a chat room into it. But I’m sure you would prefer hosting it, since it’s your members. Think about a time and date within the next two weeks and let’s see if that’s good for most people.

Cofftea said

Or the steepster men can just get their butts in gear and put a chat room on steepster hehe;)

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Here are the winners from the first Tea Game Contest.


(Easy) AmazonV – 5 samples of tea of your choice

(Easy) AmazonV – 5 samples of tea of your choice

(Easy) AmazonV – 5 samples of tea of your choice

(Moderate) CoffeeTea = 5 samples and Finum Brewing Basket(She gave the basket to TEB)

(Moderate) TeaEqualsBliss – 10 samples

(Moderate) CoffeeTea = 10 samples.

(Moderate) CoffeeTea = 10 samples

(Hard) AmazonV = Stove Top Water kettle

(Grand Prize) Morgana = Shimuzu Green Cast Iron Teapot Tetsubin ($50.00 value)

Congrats to all the winners and thanks for all who played! This will be a monthly event, so listen up for future dates.

malomorgen said

congratz ladies ;) sounds like it was a badass competition…

Kristin said

Ooo. I can’t wait for the next game. I missed this one.

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JonTea said

This sounded mega cool.
Too bad I was late… :P

Cofftea said

There’s always next time!

JonTea said

foshoooo !! :)

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