Soul said

Jasmine Black Tea?

Now that thepuritea has closed, I’m in the market for a nice jasmine black tea again. ThepuriTea’s jasmine yunnan was excellent and but I’ve yet to be able to find any suitable replacements… Does anyone have any suggestions?

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yyz said

hete’s to old discussions that may have something of intetest:

I’m sad about the loss of ThepuriTea’s tea as well.

I’ve been slightly curious about this one. It might be interesting if you can tolerate light smoke.

You can order it by phone order from

For cheaper shipping.

If you are adventurous there are several offers on aliexpress. I haven’t ordered any yet though.

DAVIDs has (or at least had) a jasmine black pearl tea that’s really lovely. Not nearly as perfumey as some jasmine greens, and the black base adds a lovely richness to it. Unfortunately it’s the only jasmine black I’ve tried, so don’t have much to compare to. But I do like it and am glad it’s in my cupboard.

Soul said

It’s unfortunately been gone for some time now. I had a sample and never had the opportunity to buy some for myself before it was discontinued. :(

Bummer!! Glad I stocked up then.

Soul said

Oh that’s neat! Thanks! (30$ is pretty painful though, heh)

Yeah, though I do find I only need 1 pearl per cup to suit my tastes (2 if it’s a bigger mug) so it lasts longer than a loose leaf (non-formed). But that’s just me!

Uniquity said

It is expensive but worth it (for me). If you live close to one, try a ten on twenty gram sample.

Brent said

I’m curious. I love me some jasmine, but have never really found it compatible with black tea. Seems like a hard balance to strike, but I’m game.

yyz said

It can be really nice if done well. Sometimes the effort is a liile too similar to a oolong jasmine, but I do like it when the base is fruity or chocolaty, with a fruity jasmine.

So far my favourites have had either a Ceylon or Yunnan base.

yyz said

I have not bought from this supplier, but they are willing to ship a sample for @$5

And sell 100g for 22.

yyz said

Great thread. I have recently come into some Jasmine Red by Mini River Tea but at $88/3.5oz I’m looking for a comparable. I’m looking forward to making my way through this list. :)

keychange said

I purchased some jasmine black tea from fleur tea house in Ottawa, and I have absolutely no idea what the base is. It’s the only black jasmine I’ve tried, and I really enjoy it (if you can imagine the pairing, it’s a combination of jasmine and a rather malty base) and I really enjoy it. I have a ton of it, and would be happy to share with anyone who’s interested in trying.

I would love to try a sample. Take a look at my cupboard and let me know if there is anything that you would like to try :)

keychange said

Sounds good. If you follow me, I’ll be able to send you a message so we can exchange details :)

Great. Following you :)

My favorite Jasmine black tea is the Vanilla Jasmine from Golden Moon:

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