Happy Chinese New Year - Celebrate with Tea Eggs

Chinese New Year is here, and having certain foods during the New Year is said to bring good luck. While noodles are for long life and sweets are for happiness, tea eggs are for prosperity. Symbolism aside, tea eggs are a convenient and delicious everyday snack! You’ll need just a handful of ingredients, and a bit of wait time.

Read full recipe: http://tealet.com/teaeggs

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Sil select said

Sort of off topic, but someone mentioned you’re going to be at the toronto tea festival? Just wanted to see if that WAS the case? :)

YES, I’m on my way to Toronto via Honolulu and Atlanta! Can’t wait to meet, it should be lots of fun, and I’ve got LOTS of our growers’ teas!

Sil select said

i cannot even tell you how excited this makes me! I will be dropping by your table for sure!

Hope you enjoyed the event. I had a blast. It was so much fun and I was happy to hear that so many Toronto tea lovers are excited to learn about who grows their tea!

Sil select said

Loved the booth and teas your brought with you. I’m seriously considering the year subsciption now heh.

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Pyroxy select said

This looks really good…I know what I’ll be doing with the eggs that have been sulking in my fridge. :)

Yeee, I’m so happy to see so many people say that the recipe inspired them to make tea eggs! Credit is due to Rie (Tiramisurie) for cookings these eggs and writing the recipe. She is Tealet’s newest tea member. Meet her here: http://tealet.com/tiramisurie

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