Who has ordered from zishayixing.com?

Hi all!

I saw that at least one other person here has ordered teapots from zishayixing.com
Has anyone else given it a try, and could you please share your impressions?

There have been some rather negative reviews on teachat.com as a few people have had disappointing experiences upon reception.
But those are from September 2011, and I hear the owner has been making efforts to get things back on track.

So, anyone got recent impressions to share?


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AnnaEA select said

I’ve no experience with them personally, but I’ll ask at tea club next time I’m there. Probably next week though, the way the weather is looking.

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yyz said

Here’s a thread on someone’s experience with them. It was positive.

yes, that’s the one i was referring to.
I was wondering if there had been more accounts or hearsay since.

yyz said

Sorry, I didn’t catch that you had found it the perils of skimming;). I remember someone talking about ordering, but I don’t recall them reporting back if they did.

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My experience was great. The owner was very communicative and easy to work with and the teapot is really well made. I would highly recommend.

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So I ordered the following two pots…

Very excited to see them when they arrive :)
The shop owner was very helpful, and very upfront about past problems. I hope my experience is as great as TastyBrew’s! I will definitely be back with pictures of the actual pots.

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So following up on this:
-I received my teapots in record time with the DHL shipping. They arrived within the week, and they had to travel to the other side of the world to Montreal.
-They were extremely well-packaged, and they even came in little padded wooden cases, and in draw-string bags.
-The pots themselves are exactly as pictured.
-The clay is good quality: it smells right, has a good cling when tapped, doesn’t loose colour when boiled, the water hangs well, the craftsmanship is very good, the lids fit tightly – they even withstand the inversion test!

We’ve seasoned the dian-ni one, and plan to use it with pouchongs and greener oolongs.
We tried some Si Ji Chun in it and it was a pleasure to use. Good ergonomics, easy on the eye… The clays is obviously still a little bit greedy for the aroma, but it doesn’t take a lot of flavour away, and it’s only gonna get better with use.

We’re seasoning the Jing-lan tomorrow :D

All this to say – I recommend this shop and would definitely buy there again.

Go and have a look – they have a great selection :)

Yay! I’m glad you had a good experience too!

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river said

Is someone like me? I ordered one of yixing teapot products Xizhi webshop, buy 8thang 1 day, January 29 received the goods. receipt are two errors in the warm. admin wrote a letter asking for 4 days but have not seen a response yet. so sad …

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