Brent said

Online Tea Course

I’m considering offering a free online tea course. There seems to be a real demand for a structured course in tea knowledge and appreciation, but we’ve noticed two problems with what’s out there. Either:
a) The course is cost-prohibitive for most folks who are just hobbyists and/or tea-curious, and/or;
b) The material isn’t very helpful or is not very accessible.

It’s not that good information isn’t already widely available on the internet. It is. It is just spread out and mixed in with a lot of information that is either inaccurate, confusing, or just designed to sell you something.

We’ll develop a structured but informal online course that is guided but self-paced.

I’ve developed a first draft at a course outline. (I’ve already written on many of these topics.) Looking for feedback as to what people would like to see in such a course.


The outline:
… What this course will and won’t teach you.
… What is Tea?
…Why Tea?
… History of Tea
Types of Tea
… How tea is classified
… Tea categories
What You Need (and What You Don’t)
… Teaware and Tools
… Water
… Storing Tea
… Your Tea Notebook
How to Buy Tea
… Knowing What You’re Looking For
… Selecting a Source
… Judging value
Tea Tasting
How to Make Tea
… Gongfu
… Western
Advanced Topics
… Health claims
… Food pairing
… Record keeping and tasting notes
Next Steps
… Connecting with other tea drinkers
… Your evolving palate
… Refining your experience

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carol who said

I would be interested in learning more about tea and the course looks interesting.

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AnnaEA select said

I’d love it. I’ve done the free adagio course at, and am always interested in learning more. I’d hope to be able to learn more in depth about the processing for various teas, and about the cultivation of Camellia, and the various Camellia varieties and cultivars.

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pyarkaaloo said

that sounds splendid…and what a great syllabus!

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Isabel said

Thanks for taking the time for this initiative, it is a great idea, interesting!

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Looks really interesting, let us know more as you plan:)

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boychik said

I think it’s great idea. I would love to learn more about tea regions

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keychange said

The course outline seems like a great introduction. I can’t wait to learn more. As a side note, how do you plan on delivering course material to students? Will it be text-based? Or are you thinking of using videos and other multi-media?

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I would like to take this course. Please keep us updated if you follow through with this idea.

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I would life to know more about tea blending and flavors that pair well together. I would like to stay growing and blending my own teas.

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This course sound amazing! Please keep us updated!

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