Tigralon said

Substitute/similar flavor as Revolution Huckleberry Red Herbal Tea?

Can anyone recommend a similar flavor or substitute for this tea? I absolutely loved it and it’s been discontinued for some time. Here was the company’s description: “Mellow and naturally sweet, this delightful tea blends organic honeybush, stevia, huckleberries, and the delicate tang of orange peels with rooibos, a South African herb.”

I’m pretty sure that the huckleberry was what I liked so much (and therefore what I’m looking to recreate). I love plain rooibos but that by itself isn’t a substitute for this tea. The Revolution flavor also wasn’t too sweet, even though it had huckleberry and orange peel flavors.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Tigralon said

Bump! I’d love any suggestions for teas with similar flavors (i.e. huckleberry, orange peel, rooibos). Or maybe I could blend it myself – does anyone know of a plain huckleberry tea that I could mix with my favorite rooibos tea?

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