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inranger said

Good timing! I’m new to Steepster but have been on Kiva for a bit. I had enough credits to fund Patrick in Uganda and should have more credits coming in today which will go towards Kibet in Kenya. Glad to be here on Steepster and part of the team on Kiva.

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inranger said

Just a heads up for two loans I’ve funded that I would hate to see expire. Both are for Ugandan tea farmers.

This one will expire in about a week

This one has about two weeks before it expires

$25 to each.

inranger said

Cool, now with 2 of us the Steepster team is the leading funder to both of them. :)

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Kaylee said

Bumping the thread. From now until December 31, donations of $35 or more will be matched. Some tea-related loans currently being sought:

http://www.kiva.org/lend/813946 (I’ve lent to this one, but note that loans to India are subject to stringent regulations and won’t be repaid for at least 3 years)



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Nicole said

Good reminder, Kaylee. I got the email from them as well.

Here are two other tea related loans:



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Nicole said

I just redispensed some of the loan repayments I had sitting on Kiva so I thought I’d post here and bump the thread back to the front page for a little. :)

I just backed this campaign. http://www.kiva.org/lend/963490

Not sure if this group is still being monitored but regardless, it’s a good thing to do. :)

Glad you posted this — was not familiar with Kiva; thanks. I just joined the Steepster team and also supported this campaign.

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