mars1 select said

Cocoa tea, not hot cocoa

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lurking on r/tea and found a post about cocoa tea where they actually use the cocoa leaves and there’s 3 different types: green, oolong, and black. There’s even a study on this: .
My question, does anyone know where to find this type of tea?

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Courtney said

Cacao (not cocoa – so perhaps not quite what you’re looking for) is amazing – from Herbal Infusions, a few other tea companies also have it, though I’ve only tried Herbal Infusions. I would suggest searching “cocoa” or “cacao” in the search bar and leafing through the teas that come up to see what interests you. The cacao tea from HI is considered a herbal tea though, not black, green, or oolong.

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ifjuly said

i had no idea! very interesting. alas, i’m no help.

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moraiwe said

Googling the scientific designation (Camellia Ptilophylla Chang) led me to the following:

Apparently it’s extremely hard to obtain outside of southern China at this point. It was only just found in the wild in 1981 and was only very, very recently domesticated and studied. Because it’s so new, it might be years yet before we see it on Western shores.

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