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ChaChat - Live Chat About Tea

So, I was hoping Steepster would have a live chat room by now, but I completely understand why they haven’t… the almighty Steepster Overlords have a lot to deal with already.

Thus, I have created a chat room on tinychat called “ChaChat”… “Cha” meaning “Tea,” of course…

Here is the link:

Feel free to pop in and talk about tea or whatever else. There is also a web cam feature which I may test out if it helps answer tough tea questions… and others can use this feature as well.

Let me know what you think! :)

P.S. I know there are live chat rooms set up by other Steepster peeps for books clubs and contests, which is awesome, but this chat room isn’t limited to any one topic… just chatting with people who you know you have at least one thing in common. ;)

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IdentiTEA said

This test run was a success! Several people dropped by and we were able to share links easily and answer each others’ questions quickly.

You all can use this chat room any time. I will try to host when I can.

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