Par Avion Tea - 3 Free Samples

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Dustin said

I just got an email from them saying that they are having a sale. 25% off. No mention of the sample offer. I think I’ll pass on a purchase. :/

I’ve been getting e-mails from them too. (Was wondering how they got my address). Still no mention of samples.

Lala said

Same here. I just unsubscribed.

Sil select said

yep… i didn’t sign up for a slew of emails.

same here. feels like it was just a ploy to get people on their mailing list.

Ubacat said

I unsubscribed too.

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I unsubscribed as well, it’s off putting to me when a company offers customers free samples and doesn’t follow through… Just like with that Teamonger site. They had a ton of teas that I was thinking about ordering but I was too scared to mess with them after they didn’t follow through and then other ppl had problems with them.

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I must have signed up for the samples, too, as I also received the sale notice. Guess I won’t be making any purchases based on the never-received samples. lol

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I didn’t get an email for their sale, but I did get one saying I’d get $5 off their tea of the month club. I unsubscribed from their email list with the reason other: Since I never got the free samples you said you’d sent me, how can I trust I’d get anything I paid for from your subscription?

caile said

I received the same email a couple days ago, and unsubscribed also. They don’t seem trustworthy to me either.

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Tealizzy said

I unsubscribed also. Received two emails from them. It’s so frustrating that, not only did they not send the samples, but when I emailed them about it, they told me they’d ship out end of March….well, it’s end of May, guys. Sorry, you won’t be getting my business.

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So they never sent these samples? Smh. And they charged you all for shipping too? Their website says they ship in a week!

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Dustin said

I sent them an email pointing out this thread saying a lot of tea lovers/potential customers were disappointed with having gotten spam instead of samples. I thought maybe they would step up with an apology or offer to let us know when the next time they were giving away samples was. Instead I got a “we are sorry you feel that way, but…” which basically means they could give a rat’s ass and are invalidating my points. Whatevs. It’s not a thread about my company doing a bait and switch to get email addresses for spamming that comes up 3rd or 4th on a Google search for my company’s name, so what do I care?! And now I know to go to Tea Guys for the same teas at a lower price!

Smh, that’s dirty.

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