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On the new tea pages, when we enter a new tea into the site how do we enter in the part that tells the “average preparation” info? Or is this taken from people’s ratings over time where they log it and not the company’s suggestion?

Also, is there any way to link the company’s selling page to the new tea page where it tells whether or not you can buy it? It says for many teas that can be purchased that they aren’t available, but they are. Can users fix this or is it only Steepster-staff fixable?

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Lynxiebrat said

1.)As far as I know, it is taken from the average ratings over time.

2.) I think at this time it is staff only fixable,and it will probably take time before they finish it.

I do think that they should let users set it up, like those that have been members of the site for a while. As well as editing the initial post on the tea including ingredients.

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