How did you choose your username?

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keychange said

I’m loving all these stories!

And anna, somehow I’m not even remotely surprised that you’re on the taller side. Something about the way you write/speak has led me to invision you as slim and rich and fun. Also with great packaging abilities.

And add me to the list of people who thought roswell was refering to NM!

I need to get an avatar. But like, finding visual representations of myself just seems so tedious.

Oh, and I’m 5’3.

You know what else I wonder about you guys? how old everyone is.

I turned 30 in May

Lynxiebrat said

I will be 38 in 7 days. As for avatars, I usually don’t add one till I find one that really appeals to me or if I find/make a picture of myself that appeals to me. This one I’ve been using on a couple of sites.

carol who said

Well, I seem to be one of the oldest. I’m 62. Yikes! I don’t feel 62.

I turn 19 in… Crap. 17 Days. Fairly young in comparisson to a lot of users here. Also, I’m a shorty; only 5’2".

I’m 23. And 5’2". I have a baby face, so I look 15…

I will be 29 next month…

I’m 30…for the second year in a row. I’ve officially refused to get any older. ;)

Anna said

Haha, keychange, you crack me up.

Next week is BIRTHDAY WEEK! I’ll be 34 on Wednesday. I’m a Wednesday’s child (…is full of woe) so it’s always a bit special to birthday on a Wednesday.


I’m with EvaGrimm. I stopped counting a while back. Measured by behavior and state of mind, I’m no older than 25 and some days I’m closer to 12. Actually, let me refine that. I’m no older than 25 but with a lot less angst than I had at 25.

I’m 42, just like life, the universe, and…well…everything.

ifjuly said

turning 32 this july, going on 7. :b so far, i’ve loved my 30s much more than my 20s. i feel comfortable and happy in my skin for the first time since i was a kid, or maybe ever.

Cavocorax said

I’m 32! Seems to be a common age (ohai ifjuly and Stephanie!)

You know what’s mildly embarrassing? I have no idea how old I am most of the time. I actually subtracted 2014 from 1981 and then adjusted it since my birthday is in July! It’s just not a big part of me. And I can’t tell other people’s ages. People I think of as grown-ups turn out to be my age and I’m shocked.

I agree ifjuly…30s are WAY better than 20s.

highfives Cavocorax!

I’m like EvaGrimm.. I could stay at my current age!

Add another birthday to next week!
Lynxiebrat, you and I almost share a birthday down to the day… Almost… I’ll be 38 in 8 days ;)

Well played dragondrool -hhgttg reference. ;) And happy birthday to everyone with a birthday coming up!

ifjuly said

I’m the same way about forgetting my age all the time and having to count back to figure it out, ha. Glad to see I’m not alone!

Roswell Strange, I’m right there with you! I feel like a baby now that I’m seeing that a lot of people here are older and definitely much wiser than I am.
And I’m 5’2" as well! Though my doctor told me I was 5’1" last year, I refused to believe that I shrunk an inch since the last time I was there.

Kamyria said

I’m 42 and I’m 6 feet. Ha ha 30s are much better than 20s but 40s are even better especially if you had your kids young.

Pyroxy select said

I’m one of the younger ones, apparently…I just turned 24 in January.

Gotta agree with Cavocorax on not feeling my age – I’m always surprised when “grownups” are my age…or when someone turns out to be much older than I’d guessed.

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Kirlika said

Long story and not particularly exciting but here goes…

Kir’lika was a name I made up for an online role playing game almost 10 years ago. I spent about 2 weeks deliberating if I wanted to a) buy the game in the first place (my roommates had it and were trying to entice me to join them) and b) if so then what I wanted to play and who that character was going to be.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize that the game would not accept special characters in the name field, so when I finally broke down and got the game I had to decide what I wanted to do. Luckly my server was small enough at the time that “Kir” was still a unique name so that’s what I went with… But within a few months I ended up transitioning to another character since I didn’t like Kir’s playstyle (though eventual changes to the game meant that I did go back to Kir as an alternate character.)

Fast forward 4 years, we were transferring servers (due to overpopulation) and my new server already had a Kir… plus the game still didn’t like apostrophes so “Kirlika” was born. Eventually the group that I ran with found that we were short on a particular role so I started to run more with Kirlika than I did with my other character… and the rest as they say is history.

ETA: Really neat topic idea… it’s great to hear some of the stories behind all the different usernames. :D

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I’m super boring and used my actual first name. Though I could have easily gone by Evilducky! ;)

carol who said

Cute Evil Ducky!

I’ve wondered where this duckie comes from.

Ducks!! <3

Yes, I love ducks! KiwiDelight! :)

Also I guess it represents the duality of my (our human?) nature…the cute and innocent but also the evil! Muahahah. He’s come to be my little personal mascot ;)

Kaylee said

Duckies!! I’m a sucker for rubber duckies. I got a whole bunch of them as favors when I threw a graduation party. I kept a few for myself and now they hang out in my shower with a princess ducky and a Wonder Woman-knockoff ducky.

Also, I just learned that rubber duck racing is a thing:

I had a huge thing for rubber ducks in highschool and went through an art period in my advanced art course where for a few solid months I just mastered the ability to make uniform, identical rubber ducks sculpted at real life size. Currently I have twelve perfect, identical clay ducks sitting on top of my kitchen stove. Heh…

Kaylee- We have a local duck-race that happens annually actually! It is all for charity, but the person who’s duck wins gets some money or something like that :)

Roswell- I’m jealous. I’m a 2D artist with almost no 3D art abilities!

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MsWhatsit said

Around the time I joined this site, my 50th birthday was approaching. I was giving some thought to what sort of old lady I wanted to be and Miss Whatsit, the exuberant old woman in “A Wrinkle in Time” kept occurring to me as good example. I’m a believer in the idea that you become what you name yourself so I use it a lot these days as a reminder not to lose my sense of fun.

The pic is of me in one of my favorite outfits. I’ve featured it next to this name for so long I tend to think of it as my Ms Whatsit costume.

Excelsior said

A Wrinkle in Time was one of my favorite books waaay back when I was in Elementary school. I also read Swiftly Tilting Planet and A Wind in the Door.

I will always remember the ant crossing the string.

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carol who said

I loved the Wrinkle in Time series.

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keychange said

LOL I love how our messages in this thread will sound more and more like personals ads.
“Hi, I’m keychange, 28 years old, From Canada, 5’3..long walks on the beach…” haha.

Ifjuly, I’ve always heard that the 30s are far preferable to one’s 20s (probably because as far as I’m concerned, you’re not actually “grown up” until you’re like at least 25, and even then it’s debatable LOL). We’ve really extended our exploratory years, such that people in their 30s are often still galavanting about trying to decide on career paths and life partners and all that sort of thing (nothing wrong with that—just a general observation), so I can see why the 20s are still characterized by a bit of instability. One of the great things about growing older is that (hopefully, anyway) the important things rise to the top.

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Rosehips said

I surprised myself. My usual online name is Thistle, or a variation of that, but I didnt even look to see if my normal name was avalible. I just typed in Rosehips, and called it a day. Rosehips is a softer, prettier name then what I ususally go by….
I like it, though, even though its from the other side of the metaphorical garden then where I usually get my handles. I do kinda miss Thistle, though. (I’m of seriously scottish decent, which is where Thistle comes from).

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Pyroxy select said

I have an odd tendency to resort to random name generators when I need a username…since I’m a biology student I tend toward the scientific randomizers and the last time I used one “pyroxylin” fell out.

I liked the definition – and still use that name – but I shortened it a bit for sites where I prefer to have something easier to type (and easier for others to remember).

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Dustin said

My user name is my actual name. When I first joined I used my usual internet handle that incorporates my name, but as I grew to use the site more I didn’t want what I shared here on a public forum easily traced to me so I changed it. I’m a woman, btw and my husband does internet security, so I’m hyper aware that the info I put online can be seen, bought, sold, used for marketing. So I try to make it as difficult as possible to get that info. :)

As for where Dustin came from, I choose it when I was 14. My birth name never felt right, like I was always wearing uncomfortable clothing that made my skin crawl. I was on the hunt for a new name and went into a room where the TV was on and Roseanne was showing. One of the daughters was dating some dude and the dad was trying to remember the guy’s name. He rattled off a few names that were similar enough to the guy’s name and Dustin was one of them. I grabbed it an ran! I’m sure my parents thought it was just a phase and humored me, but I have now spent the majority of my life with this name now and have no regrets. There is actually another girl Dustin in the town that I live in and we don’t just share first names, our middle names are the same too! What are the odds of that?!

That is such a great story! And it’s working, because I always thought you were a guy. LOL.

Dustin said

Thanks! And yeah, it usually does confuse people and my photo of me hiding behind my tea mug doesn’t clear things up either! I have some funny stories about mistaken identity and rumors of whether or not I was once a boy and had a sex change. As it is, I’m pretty close to all stock parts.

I used to know a chick named Ryan :)

Dustin said

I love names that are associated with one sex, but used by the other. Ryan is a super cute name for a girl! I have always thought Kimberly was a cool name for a dude too.

carol who said

I had two different students names Kyle. They didn’t even know each other. My own daughters are Casey and Jamie. Somewhat unisex names. My husband and I were able to talk to them using their names when they were still in-utero before we found out whether they were a girl or boy.

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CelebriTEA said

Ahhh…If was simply thinking about a “cutsie” name
with TEA in it :-p

Success then! heh

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