looking for a glass tea cup with saucer

I previously had glass cups/saucers from Germany; they lasted years and were satisfying in all ways; they were esthetic in shape. That company went out of business.

All the cups I now see for sale are from China; the reviews are usually horrible.
I bought one set made by teaposy. To my dismay it had the company name spelled out large on the cup. It was two layered to keep the hot tea separate from the outer glass. Evidently the inner layer was of plastic. It got a round hole in it (not a crack).
I bought a set from somewhere else and the cup size was much smaller than the saucer.
I’m looking at the adagio teacup now. If you read the reviews, a shocking number of customers had the saucer actually explode on them.
Any suggestions? Please don’t suggest giving up drinking from glass.

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