Lynxiebrat said

Stock Sipdown

I figured since we had a saturday sample sipdown thread, we should have a sipdown for regular stock. Like many people on here I’m sure, I try to sipdown my stock to make room for…..guess what? More tea of course!

I spent most of the weekend happily sipping away at my now ridiculously huge sample box…(Not that I mind, I love it!) But looking at the amount of tea that I have not had in a long time, particularly more then maybe once or twice, I figure since I’m semi planning on a tea order to Butiki and maybe David’s tea, I really should sipdown the majority of those teas.

All the ones that I picked for this evening are Unknowns from my favorite tea store near my grandmothers (Where I am planning on going tomorrow but ONLY to replenish 1 tea and possibly get 2 others.)

Well Throat Herbal
Licorice Herbal
Gingerbread Latte
Vanilla Dream

(Also plan on forcing myself to have these 4 a few times more this week. The Gingerbread Latte I might get again, but others, mostlikely not.)

These teas I plan on having during the day tomorow. Though since I’m working then running errands, only will be able to have 1 (16 ou.cup.) On my way and during my shift. (I take care of my Grandmother on Tuesdays.)

Violet Rose Black
Tropical Green
Mandarin Green
Raspberry Oolong
Strawberry Sundae Green

Tropical Twister
Organic Apricot Brandy Black
Jessie’s Tea (David’s Tea)

Thursday (If I manage to get up early enough.)
Mojito Black & Red
Cookie Dough
Coco Chai Rooibos
Alpine Punch

Magic Moon
Banana Dream
Chocolate Chili Chai

On the weekend, samples and a few Teavana favorites.


I decided after some thought that it might be easier on myself to have a general list of teas to work down, and some I’ve taken off the sipdown list because I think they would make good iced tea in a few months. And have lengthen the time to sipdown these over the next month or so, but still will most likely buy at the very least: The Spring Collection by David’s Tea when it comes out and about 4-6 teas from Butiki. Spacing it out more means less work for me, (Because many of these teas kinda suck.)

Mojito Red & Black
Well Throat Herbal (Maybe mixed in with another…this one really sucks.)
Licorice Herbal
Vanilla Dream
Gingerbread Latte Rooibos
Tropical Twister
Magic Moon
Cranberry Orange Black
Peach Perfection Black
Organic Apricot Brandy Black

As for the David’s Teas that I wanted to work on finishing off, lol…I’m thinking maybe I should hold off on drinking them for a while, since most of the ones that I listed are ones that I like, maybe by holding off for a while, I will like them again.

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Dustin said

Dayum! You are methodical! I often can’t decide what tea to drink until moments before I turn on my kettle!

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Lynxiebrat said

LOL. Probably won’t be in that order, plus I made this list before accounting to the fact that my Dad wasn’t done in the kitchen so just now making dinner and I’ve got to be in bed by about 10-10:30.

Most of these teas I am not really thrilled about but not disliking them enough to throw them out or give away. So if I manage to finish off half of these within the next couple of weeks I will be really happy with myself.

Yes I have considered the possibility that this list is overly ambitious. Hmm maybe I should expand the times including the weekend and rewarding myself afterwards of having 1 or 2 teas that I really like.

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SimplyJenW said

I usually don’t decide what I am having until I put on the kettle, either. However, I do still have a bit of a method to my madness. I have a spreadsheet of the teas in my cupboard. They are subdivided by those I want to keep around, those that I want to cut, and those that fall in between. I try to keep some of a tea I want to get rid of out where I can see it in my brewing station. I figure if I can see it and it appeals at the time, I will drink it up faster. It has worked pretty well so far. I am to the point where most of the teas in the cut group are kind of outliers of what I usually drink. I do have a few teas that change from keepers to maybes, and vice versa. Then comes the hard part…..I had to cut back on the amount of samples I was ordering. The easy part, I did find myself drinking the good tea more often, rather than keeping it too long, especially where I am now in my stash reduction. It is a journey!

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