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Cold brewing

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried cold brewing with dragon well and it didn’t taste as good as I though it would. Does anyone have with any specific tea that tastes good, slightly sweet, when cold brewed?

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I just cold brewed Butiki’s Organic Ceylon. It had a faint citrus hint to it. I’d recommend that first off.

I’m also a fan of cold steeping Clouds and Mist from the Tea Spot. It is faintly sweet, but you do get a kind of grassy flavor particularly toward the end if you don’t take the leaves out as you drink it down (I use Tea Spot’s steep-n-go, so the leaves stay in).

In general the teas I’ve cold steeped have tasted very different from how they’ve tasted hot. Usually with more vegetal notes in the case of greens.

How did the dragon well taste and specifically how did it miss your expectations?

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