Tea you can eat

Can you eat rooibos tea? (You know you’re a tea addict when…)I was eating some greek yogurt when I started wondering how some rooibos sprinkled on top would taste.

I know I’ve heard of people eating their herbals before. Especially one’s with chocolate in them. Anybody know which teas are edible?

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I believe you should be alright to eat small amounts of Rooibos.

Most Japanese greens are edible, you leave them to dry after you’ve steeped them and add them to salad.

Kaylee said

I’ve eaten the steeped leaves of Yunomi’s Kabuse Sencha with a touch of soy sauce. It tasted like spinach.

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Dustin said

I would think they all are edible (if you can drink them steeped you should be able to eat them), but I bet some of them with added flavors wouldn’t taste very good.

That’s what I would assume too but perhaps eating some of them might lead to stomach cramps or vomiting? Thinking of black teas mostly for that.

I think you guys are one the right track. Sprinkling just a pinch should be fine :P

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Katiek said

I’ve never tried it, but rooibos leaves are listed as an ingredient in this cookie recipe on the Food 52 website:


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RavenAnne said

Rooibos should be edible, but I don’t think the flavour will be as strong as it would in tea. As well, the leaves will be dried if you sprinkle them and could be prickly! So if you use dried leaves of any kind, cooking in a liquid or rehydrating some how is a good idea. And the heat will help the flavour come out.

I hope you have fun experimenting though! I once made tea cookies and cookies using fresh calamint. Calamint was softer fresh so they could stay in the cookie, but the tea I used needed to be strained from the butter.


Hmmmm, you raise some valid points. Prickly is not good! So you think i should soak it in an equal amount of hot water to release the flavor? That might work, don’t you think?

RavenAnne said

If it’s yogurt; let it “steep” in the yogurt for a while. I think it’s like how we make home-made chip dip with sour cream and onion soup mix. If it’s in baking; you steep it in melting butter in a pan and use that butter in the recipe.

For something solid like a sandwich or salad, I think maybe soaking it in hot water is a good idea but not a lot of water since you don’t want a watery sandwhich! I wonder if you would like to try turning it into a syrup? I’ve seen recipes for lavender syrup on pinterest, it looks neat!

I’m also just making this up as I go along from experience….

Right, I understand. I think the steeping idea is good. Sometimes I do an overnight oatmeal + yogurt mix. I think that would be a good chance to try the rooibos food theory :P lol

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carol who said

I learn something new every day!

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Jen M said

My “eating tea” recipe:

Steep 4 tsp of David’s Tea Forever Nuts in 1/2 cup of boiling water until it tastes yummy.
Strain, add “tea” to instant oatmeal. Stir until gloopy.
Dump strained tea on top, stir into oatmeal.

Voila! Forever Nuts Oatmeal.

hmmm, sounds interesting :)

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