Ultimate Afternoon Tea

I had the good fortune of having Afternoon Tea at the Empress before it was ‘discovered’. It was truly magical: two teenage girls, under-dressed ( and under-mannered), in a castle full of Sterling silver and oak paneling. Forty years later I can still taste the Earl Grey and the sprinkle of caviar they put on the cucumber sandwiches.

Wondering if there are other Afternoon Tea aficionados willing to share their most memorable time? Where did you go? What did you have?

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I’ve been to a few fancy schmancy teas, and enjoyed them, but I can’t remember what I had to eat or drink! I remember the decor, and silverware, and cups, and paintings on the ceiling, and tuxedo wearing waiters. I think that’s telling. I found it to be a thrilling experience, but the tea and food were secondary. I seem to enjoy the tea and food at more casual places such as Radiance Tea House and Alice’s Tea Cup more. I could tell you every bite I ate and what kind of tea I had at both (Radiance – Salmon and bok choy rice bowl, black sesame tea crackers, Premium Grade Oriental Beauty Oolong. Alice’s – steak salad with mixed greens, apples, and tea cooked eggs, with sesame dressing, pumpkin scones, and Phoenix dessert tea (caramel!).

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