tb said

A company I would be careful about...

I came across this tea company called Tea Monger.

twitter: https://twitter.com/teamongerinc/
website: http://www.teamonger.com/

From the outside, they look pretty “legit” company with a professional looking website and twitter. However, I noticed they have 10.5k Twitter followers and get about no favorites on any of their tweets. Odd, huh?

So I went through their followers list and it seems that they purchased a majority of their followers! It is quite obvious because most of their followers don’t have a profile picture and do not tweet. Also, many of them are in a foreign language.

For example:

I personally would NOT trust a company that buys Twitter followers! I just wanted to spread the information. Be careful!

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I signed up for a free sample weeks ago, nothing came yet

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Dustin said

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That only adds another proof to all the others mentioned in this thread:


They are not to be trusted.

Thanks, turtlebunnie, for being so perceptive!

EDIT: Also, Dustin beat me with the link :)

tb said

Well! I missed that thread. Yeah, I won’t be buying from them any time soon.

Dustin said

I win! Ha HA!

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