forsythia said

Tardis tea set

Hey, hello, been a long time since I stopped by. I saw this and it made me think of all you Steepsters. Someone may already have posted it, but at least it brought me back here.

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XD I got the teapot for Christmas. It’s sitting on my teapot shelf since I don’t want to accidentally break it or something….though I’ll probly throw a Tardis/Doctor Who themed tea party someday after I get two more unique Who mugs.
I’ve seen the mug and because of the squareness it seemed like it would be awkward to drink out of, but I couldn’t say for sure.
……I really want that cookie jar. I have the plastic one that makes the sound when it closes, but the ceramic one looks sweet.
(I also have the salt and pepper shakers. >>;;)

Cavocorax said

I also have the salt and pepper shakers! And the teapot!

carol who said

I have the covered tea cup. I told family/friends not to buy anymore since I think I have enough DW stuff. I do want DW tea but I have to stop buying other teas and save up money ‘coz I’m going to want a lot!

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arichard said

Thanks for sharing! I knew about the tea pot, and it is on my wishlist. Great post!

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