Blasphemic Disclosure by a "tea" drinker

…I’ve just discovered Dunkin’ Donuts “extra extra” creamer …… and I LOVE it in my heavy black tea blends….

anyone else out there willing to admit they’re imbibing blasphemously within the Steepster community? If so, what are you using? :)

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carol who said

I’m not allowed to :) I think Weight Watchers would swoop down on me en masse. I really am trying to lose weight. I’ve lost 20 pounds since September and have about 15lbs to go!

Angrboda said

Well done, Carol! You’ll get there. :)

Great job, Carol!

teaenvy said


MzPriss said

20 pounds is awesome!!!

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SimplyJenW said

I have tried, but I can’t quit my sweetener. :’(

I use Spenda, and would love to drink something less chemical-ish. Tried to go back to sugar…..I get a weird aftertaste. Honey adds too much flavor. And Stevia too much flavor.

My resolution now is to just start cutting back on the amount of Splenda.

Have you tried Monk Fruit sweetener? That’s how I finally got off the Splenda! I tried Stevia but it had a weird aftertaste and I didn’t want all the calories from sugar and honey, but their are a couple different kind of monk fruit sweeteners that I really like. They remind me a lot of my beloved Splenda, but they are made from a fruit. One brand is called Nectresse and one is Monk Fruit in the Raw. The only draw back is they are kind of expensive. It’s worth it for me though, bc Splenda started giving me really bad headaches.

I find that agave nectar goes nicely in most teas you want sweetened.

K S said

I switched to sweeteners to avoid the calories of sugar. I don’t like honey or agave in tea. I used to use the blue stuff but that is what is in the diet soft drinks I like. Splenda in tea keeps me from having too much of any one kind of sweetener. I generally taste a tea before adding but find it usually brings out notes I would otherwise miss. It is all in what you are used to, if you don’t normally sweeten that is likely all you’ll taste if you do.

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teaenvy said

I ALWAYS imbibe tea blasphemously. Tea is simple. Life is simple. Both are too precious to waste time with a pompous attitude or snobery. Drink good tea, drink it with a happy heart. Stuff your tea with other happy good things if they make you feel happy and stuffed with goodness.

keychange said

Well said! anyway, to make any of my fellow blasphemers feel better, I’ll say that about 99% of the time, I take my tea with both cream and rock sugar. Judge on!

pyarkaaloo said

teaenvy, i like you. i’m quite the blaspheme myself.

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MzPriss said

I don’t need sweetener, except in chai, but I do sometimes want a drop or two of milk or half and half. Especially in Earl Grey. Not much (a teaspoon would be way too much) but there is something about a couple a drops of milk in Earl Grey that I think I need for some reason.

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scribbles said

When I started out, I added half & half to just about everything. I have learned to love my black tea straight up, but I still on occasion add creamer to fermented and/or pu’erhs. I don’t feel guilty ’cos it adds a richness and depth that surpasses any dessert tea thst I have tried.

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Uniquity said

In general, no sugar or milk and definitely no fake sugar as they taste nasty ans many of them give me headaches. I personally don’t tend to stock teas that need sugar to taste good, but sometimes I put a bit of honey to fix something up. I use honey because I like the taste, and I am using it to disguise bitterness or some other off taste.

That said, I only drink my tea without additions because that is the way I like it. If I am serving others, I offer them whatever I have on hand – once I think of it.

In my experience, most tea drinkers just want other tea drinkers to enjoy the cuppa. And as for tradition, different cultures serve tea different ways. For some, to skip milk and sugar is the blasphemy!

Jen M said

I drink my tea like I drink my coffee: black. I’m in the same boat as you where if I feel the NEED to add a kind of sweetener to a tea to make it taste good, it’s not the kind of tea I want. I’m also not about to poo-poo someone who does add a sweetener and/or milk/cream to their tea, but that’s personally never to my taste.

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Sometimes I think I’m being blasphemous when I add sweetness to certain teas. But it’s always after I’ve tried said tea straight. I just can’t help adding a bit of Truvia to nearly every tea I drink. Lol!
Lately I’ve been adding a tiny bit of cream to some of my teas (mainly chais) because I have some cream left over from some baking endeavors that I need to use up. >>;

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I put milk & sugar in my Earl Grey. [dealwithit.gif]

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Lynxiebrat said

I never think I’m being blasphemous when I add stuff to my tea. I figure how I enjoy my tea is my business, anyone who doesn’t like it…grins Ok I won’t get graphic about it.

As for how others enjoy their tea, there are only a few things that make me wince: Leaving the tea bag/teaball/strainer while they drink their tea. Consistent boiling of teas that should not be boiled. Even though I’ve mentioned that ruins the tea, I’ve learned to pretty much keep my mouth shut about it and just ask for teas that are ok with boiling water.

That’s pretty much it. In the end, as long as they enjoy it, that’s what matters.

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Sami Kelsh said

Blasphemy schmasphemy. I drink whatever tastes good to me.

I always steal an extra handful of organic sugar packets from coffee shops to save on having to buy sugar, and I use sugar in most teas. And milk, where appropriate. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. La dee da, la dee da.

You know, it’s been way too long since the last time I had a vanilla peppermint tea latte.

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