Isolde said

Loose leaf breakfast tea with full body and sweet taste?

I’m looking for something very specific: A loose leaf breakfast standard that has a full body (a lot of loose leaf teas I find are a little light for morning) but isn’t nearly as strong as say PG Tips or a CTC type tea. Also a sweeter taste would be nice vs. something astringent. Does any tea like this exist?

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carol who said

I have really begun to like Mate’Vana. Full bodied, somewhat coffee tasting with a bit of chocolate flavor. It’s interesting since it has rooibos as well as mate’. The blurb about the tea from Teavana includes, " It does contain caffeine, but many people have a different reaction to this stimulant since it is blended with the other natural xanthines found in Mate (theophylline and theobromine). Together they create energy without jitteriness or addictive tendencies". Anyway, I like it.

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yyz said

If your in Canada, Cjay teas English breakfast is quite nice. It’s rich and sweet and dense enough to take milk. You might also want to look at capital tea Ltd selections of straight teas many of the ones I’ve had from them are quite rich and hold to multiple infusions. They have 20g packages for most of their teas.

Butiki’s Black Lotus has got some good reviews

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teaenvy said

I tried hard to like breakfast blend teas but they never had enough body for me. My favorite morning teas are loose leaf pu’er. The Tea Spot Bolder Breakfast tea is my favorite. Yummy hint of chocolate. Sweet enough alone but stsnds up to milk and sugar.
Ive also been enjoying The republic of Tea Coconut Pu’er. But any loose leaf Pu’er suits me well.

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