Favorite Tea Accessories

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gmathis said

A friend just gave me a Tervis Tumbler (Bed Bath & Beyond carries, I think) that I am really liking … I complain about travel mugs because I end up tasting the mug, not the tea. So far, this isn’t the case—it’s clear plastic, double insulated, tough as nails, doesn’t sweat, and goes in the microwave. May have to hunt down a backup.

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My favorite is my gaiwan and the tasting cups that I got for it. I am so excited for them to come in. :)

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Jenny said

Eep! I had such a hard time picking a favorite that I took six months to write a blog entry about my teaware. http://feathermoon.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/teaware-accessories/

But I guess my most favorite would be the glass teapot I got from my father or my everyday tea tumbler.

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