Utterly Shocking Sugary Drinks!

We are doing really well with our squirts of honey and scant teaspoons of sugar. Look at how much sugar is in these drinks!


I better seriously rethink cultivating a London Fog habit, and get myself a reusable travel brewer cup thingum for when school starts again.


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Cofftea said

I hate these type of articles cuz they always pit largest size against a smaller size. You don’t have to change your beverage to do better- just the size. On a side note, Leinenkugel’s is a WI made beer just 4 hrs north of me:)

True, but if a 20 oz espresso drink is equal to the sugar in 8 1/2 scoops of ice cream, then a tall at 12 oz is still sort of like 5 scoops of ice cream! (and I rather have ice cream! 2 scoops should do! every now and again!).

I shared this with my coworkers and many of them pointed out drinks that they drink regularly. Our receptionist drinks the SOBE iced tea that is in the article quite often.

Cofftea said

This is one of the reasons why I get the chai bags in my chai lattes instead of the concentrate. Not to mention it just tastes so much better.

Janefan said

Cofftea – Leinenkugel’s beer is available in bottles all the way out here in NC (at beer/wine shops and mid-range to high-end supermarkets). They are one of my favorite brewers – I always like whatever I try of theirs!

Cofftea said

Oh ok cool:) I was so made they got rid of their apple spice and big butt beers a couple yrs ago. They were the only 2 beers I drank.

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Doulton said

Thank you for posting this. It’s really illuminating. I personally LIKE these kinds of articles because I find them educational. I often learn new things. It’s good to have these filed away in one’s memory and there are situations where it’s very difficult to find out sugar/calories/fat contents.

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Please note, with starbucks, not the RTD frap, but with the others

you can get 1% milk instead of 2% or whole

you can get sugar free syrup instead of the normal sugar syrup, or forgo the flavoring comepletly

you can also forgo the whipped cream

when you order tea lattes you can get the bags and not the concentrate

Cofftea said

AmazonV- ypu can also get skim (which the article mentions) and soy milk.

i get soy b/c i am lactose intolerant, but their soy is vanilla flavored and has sugar, so if sugar is the concern i recommend AGAINST soy

I also hope people getting these things know they are treats, the frappachino (prepared not bottled) is a very high calorie and sugar drink, yet the baristas tell me some people get them daily!

Cofftea said

I should also mention (and I didn’t know this til recently) that their whipped cream isn’t just whipping cream- it has vanilla syrup in it. Over kill much?

Yes, and also when you make them at home you can control what you put in them. I like to make a version of a frap with just 3 teaspoons of sugar for 2 servings.

I don’t do fake sweeteners, but it is always an option to ask for less syrup in the drinks that have flavored syrup.

I think Starbucks is the least of our worries, though – once we know what is in them we can modify them. But the energy drinks and the bottled teas and that snapple “water” – they are what they are – and I had no idea they were so full of sugar!

Cofftea said

JacquelineM, if you’re ok w/ the “base” issue- the new frappuccino base is actually made w/ stevia- YAY! So they are healthier than the old ones at least. I disagree w/ you, sure RTD bottled teas are what they are- but we can still modify them by making our own out of much better loose leaf (or good bags) that come in any flavor imaginable. I drink a RTD iced tea (save Fuze Unsweetened and the occasional instant chai latte using mix) less than once a year. I actually find it easier to make a version of RTD iced tea than a Starbucks spin off of an iced beverage- I can never get them to taste as good as a blended iced latte for some reason.

Rabs said

To add onto the previously mentioned whipped cream + vanilla syrup: Starbucks (as of a few years ago) makes their whipped cream with heavy cream and 12 pumps of vanilla syrup. Barnes and Noble Cafes (that serve Starbucks drinks) do not use the same whipped cream. They do the equivalent of a light Reddi-Whip (depends on who the milk vendor is across the country as to what brand it’ll be — you can ask to see it at any B&N Cafe). So you get less calories, but some added chemicals :P

Thanks for posting such an interesting article! Having the food equivalents next to the drinks was visually stunning and drove home the issue.

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Cofftea said

As far as Starbucks goes, I’ve always gotten blended iced lattes instead of frappuccinos. (IMO) They taste better and are better for you. I don’t like products w/ ingredients w/ names like “base”. That’s another reason why I’ll never get a green tea latte or frappuccino.- not everyone knows if they get a no syrup green tea latte the powder still has sugar. Now if only I could figure out how to get iced beverages w/ tea bags instead of concentrate.

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Cofftea said

If I’m going just for flavor and not needing to heat up from the cold, but still want a hot beverage I get a single espresso con panna w/ a pump of my syrup of choice- very good, not many cals, and cheap! Now if only I could get a chai version of that.

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