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Help! Purchasing a Menghai 7542 Cake.

I am somewhat of a pu erh novice, but I want to purchase a Menghai 7542 cake for aging. But it is very confusing to me. There are of course various years to choose from, as well as different batches. Do any of you have advice or specific recommendations? Specific cakes and vendors at good prices? Or just your thoughts about these cakes and their potential for aging?

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DigniTea said

Listed below are reliable sellers. I’ve purchased from each of them a number of times over the past year. Several allow you to purchase samples before investing in puerh cakes – you might want to consider doing that. Spend some time looking around each sellers website and you’ll pick up quite a bit.

Not sure why you’re focusing on the Menghai Dayi 7542 but it is, of course, a well known Dayi raw (sheng) puerh cake. Many of us have found it easier to begin with the ripe (shou) puerhs. But as you can imagine, each journey to and through the world of puerh is unique (and very exciting by the way). Part of the excitement is that we’re all learning more and more each day and Steepster is a big help.

I’ve ordered multiple times from each of the online sellers listed below. Each is very reliable and I have had no problems. I picked up a 2010 7542 from JaseTea last July.

Berylleb King Tea

Shanghai story

Dragon Tea House

Royal Tea Bay


Yunnan Sourcing (US or China)

Puerh Shop


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