My daily "Tea Routine" has evolved somewhat on it's own.....How about yours?

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I’m pretty sporadic in my tea drinking; not much rhyme or rhythm to anything. However, there are a few constants:

I always have a cold brew from my mason jar first thing when I get up (ready to go from steeping over night!) and if I’m going to have an EG 9/10 times it’s in the morning/one of the first teas I have aside from my cold brew.

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I am fairly methodical about my tea drinking. I picked it up when I gave up soda and juice, because I needed a drink that was inexpensive and versatile. I had no idea I would love it so much. 3-4 years later, and I have a routine down.

My first cup of the day is usually a black tea, flavored or otherwise. I then usually move to oolong and that takes me through the rest of the morning with the multiple steeps. Early to mid afternoon I have some green tea, and by dinnertime I switch to rooibos and herbals. I sometimes switch out the oolong for pu-erh or the green for white. In the dead of the summer, a lot of this goes to hell and I switch to home brewed iced tea – I always keep a pitcher of caffeine free and a pitcher of caffeinated tea, sweetened lightly depending on the type of tea.

Right now, things are so methodical because I have been simply overrun with samples and the few pounds I got via after Christmas sales. I enjoy all the tea I drink (I rehome any I dislike), but the teas I pick to drink within each category are selected so that I can get through them and reduce my overall space dedicated to all this tea! Once I finish my samples box, and my tea is confined to one cabinet and I feel like I can select whatever whenever, all of this might change!

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