Ninavampi said

Tea for... a wedding?

Hi everyone!
I have been absent for a while and I really miss everyone!!! The reason for my absence is that I am doing an MBA (and working full time…) and… planning my wedding!!! I promise that as soon as life goes back to normal I will be back!

But, I wanted to ask for suggestions. I am going to have a tea bar at my wedding and will bring some tea from the US. Which teas should I offer? I am thinking max 7 different options that are friendly to non tea drinkers (so flavored and pretty is probably best). What do you suggest?

So far I am thinking of:
Read my Lips David’s Tea
Glitter and Gold David’s Tea
Mother’s Little Helper Davids Tea
Birthday Cake David’s Tea
Blue Lagoon David’s Tea
Peaches and Creme David’s Tea
-A chai of some sort?
-Something fruity/sour?

Thanks for your help!! :)

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teaenvy said

Harney and sons makes a white blend called “wedding tea”.
Fab idea by the way

The Wedding Tea is really good; like a lemon/vanilla cake.

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Nicole said

I think you are on the right track. Non tea drinkers are usually more impressed with flavoreds and things that go well with sugar. A chai might be a good idea if you do it as a latte – people becoming more used to seeing those since most coffee places offer a chai now I think. A vanilla decaf like Vanilla Comoro from Harney & Sons might be appealing to those who worry about the caffeine. Earl Grey is something most non-tea people have heard of as well and will try.

And congrats! :)

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Ubacat said

Congratulations! You will have many people of different ages so I would suggest at least one plain black tea and one basic green. Not everyone is into the flavoured teas and that will give them some options.

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Lala said

One of my friends served glitter and gold from Davids at her wedding. It was her favourite tea, so she included little notes that told the story of why she loved the tea so much and why she chose to serve it at the wedding.

You could do something similar with your favorite teas, choosing teas that are important or special to you (and your spouse).


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Kaylee said


Adagio makes wedding favors, if you wanted to send guests home with some tea.

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Uniquity said

I actually passed on tea at our wedding because neither of us wanted tea poorly made and we didn’t want to ask anyone to spend the time to make it right. We had a low key affair though so if you’re doing something with a venue or staff then you would just have to make sure there is someone working that understands how long to steep, etc. Congrats, enjoy the day but also remember to look forward to all that comes after! :-)

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Katiek said

I would probably try to get tea from a number of different companies just for variety. Consider something like Smores (for chocolate flavor) or Lemon or Lime Chiffon from Della Terra. The Glitter and Gold is pretty.

You could even consider doing your own blend from a tea company – like a “specialty cocktail” only with tea.

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Lynxiebrat said

I love the idea but I would mostlikely go nuts worrying about whether or not everyone’s tea came out right and is appealing.

As another idea: maybe have already made tea in heated canisters…(blanking on what they are called.) With a sign to remind everyone to be careful with hot liquids.

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Skysamurai said

Wow! I wish I had thought of this idea. Will there be a barista standing there or is it a self serve bar?

I would recommend evening in missoula. You can pretty much get it anywhere but I usually buy it local from our tea shop who blends it marvelously

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