TeaFrog said

Most entertaining Tea note

I have (as I am want to do…) been checking out the great notes you all are posting on TeaFrog teas – and I have to say that as of now, my two favorite Steepster note-makers are Ewa and Morgana – I love reading your notes, the pros AND the cons!

I am constantly fascinated at the different takes on the same tea – different flavours being found, and how personal preference, and even how pre-conceived expectations play a part in the notes.

My favorite note of all thus far is by Ewa: http://steepster.com/chibibigos/posts/42476 – just overall entertainment ;)

The most uncomfortable one thus far by Cait:

Thank you ALL for your notes, whether you liked the tea or not (could it really HURT to throw a couple of 100’s in there tho… ;) Kidding), I appreciate ever comment and consider each one on it’s own merits for future blending selections.

What are some of YOUR favorite funny/weird comments you have come across on Steepster?

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This is by far the funniest comment(s) I have read here:

All three of them (Ricky, 52 teas, Wabi Sabi dude) were hilarious.

Shmiracles said

hilarious and charming

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Cait select said

Oh, um. I did pass that tea along to someone who appreciated it, I swear!

TeaFrog said

Glad to hear it ;) I just have never seen a comparison like that before!  I do appreciate that you went on to make notes on other ones too tho :)

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I’m glad you’re finding my notes useful and somewhat entertaining. :-). Tea notes are my primary creative outlet these days. Lol.

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Rabs said

I’ll try to track them down later, but the two that immediately came to mind were both Ewa and Morgana posts: all of the Geek Pride ones Ewa did (especially the D&D one and the Starship Ewaprise one), and the one where Morgana shared the dialogue between her, her bf, and her sons about the icky tea. :)

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Ewa select said

Ditto what Morgana said about tea notes being a creative outlet – glad people are enjoying them :D My favorite notes have been Rabs’ Shakespearean journey because WOW. I’m also thinking Cait’s epic Tea&Tea campaign (see what I did there? :P) is going to be pretty high up there – so far it’s been hilarious!

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Lynxiebrat said

*Restarting this thread for the amusement factor:) Enjoy!

Raritea said

:) Thanks Lynxiegirl! That was quite a fun read!!

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