Golden Moon Tea Taster's Sampler?

So I really want to give Golden Moon a shot. I went on their website and added a bunch of teas to my cart, then found their ‘Tea Taster’s Sampler’ set with 31 different best-selling teas. Now to me, that many teas sounds like everything that they carry in stock, but I wanted to be sure of that before I go off ordering it, then find that one of the teas that I was really looking forward to was missing. Lol!
Then again, I don’t have the desire to sample every tea Golden Moon carries since many are just profiles that don’t appeal to me. So I might just be better off getting samples of the few instead of a box of the many. But I’m still undecided.
So anyone have any sort of opinion on a Tea Taster’s sampler box they’ve gotten? And what exactly comes in the box?

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In my opinion you’d be better off just getting the samples that you want. I doubt their set consists of a sample of every tea they have considering that for some of their teas there is no sample option (e.g. Golden Monkey, Bi Lo Chun) – but then I might be wrong, especially that they don’t really say what exctly is in the set (or do they?).

On the other hand… I highly recommend trying a wide variety of their teas. They might surprise you! You might be disappointed with something you thought you’d love and then absolutely dig a tea you didn’t have much hope for. So… perhaps a sampler set is a good idea after all.

LOL, I didn’t help at all!

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Ricky said

The sampler was very popular on Steepster many years ago. It’s basically as you suspected, a sampler of each one of their teas. If there’s only a few teas you’d like to try, you are probably better off buying the individual sampler packs.

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ifjuly said

I would double check by asking them directly before assuming it’s everything, just in case, especially since some of their best teas are “hidden” on the website (last I checked Honey Orchid doesn’t come up through casual browsing), but that’s just me.

boychik said

Same here. i couldn’t find it. i wanted to ask them some questions,wrote an email, left a message. Nobody came back to me:( Weird,right. But i do get their newsletters

How do you find Honey Orchid? I’ve looked for it on their site/did a search and no luck.

boychik said

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I sent them an email last night and got a response back with what teas were in the pack.

Tippy Earl
Honey pear
Snow Sprout
Temple of Heaven
Jasmine Pearl
Lapsang Souchong
Orchid temple Oolong
Vanilla Mint
Coconut Pouchong
White Licorice
White Tea
White Persian Melon
White Ginger
Pu-erh Chai
French Breakfast
English Breakfast
Irish Breakfast
Organic Green
Vanilla Jasmine
Kashmiri Chai
Imperial Formosa Oolong
Jasmine Tea
Nepalese Afternoon
Moroccan Mint
Sugar Caramel Oolong

Now I just need to decide if there’s enough in there that I’d want to sample. Lol.

boychik said

Just want to let you know they have free shipping till April 3 11:59 EST
Code freeshipping

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Gene said

I’m a great fan of Golden Moon Tea, with several of their oolongs and black teas on my cupboard regularly. I heartily recommend them; their prices are good; shipping is quick and easy, and by way of their newsletter, offer many discounts throughout the year.

Now, to answer your question, I’ve found that small single serving samples really don’t give a good feel for the tea in question. I’d much rather select a few teas that interest me and purchase an ounce sample if possible, so that i can brew the tea a couple of times in order to really get the full feel of the tea.

Just my opinion, for what it’s worth.


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