New Tea from Temple Road: "Crane Monk Light Oolong Premium Tea" 25g Starter 50% OFF

Dear Steepster community,

Spring is officially here, and the Crane Monk is ready to take flight! If you’ve enjoyed the Tiger Monk Roasted Oolong, take a look at the original light oolong version, it will take you on a whole different journey, and certainly won’t disappoint. Skillfully produced by the same tea master as the Tiger Monk, the Crane Monk Light Oolong Premium Tea delivers its smoothness and balance qualities in a whole different fashion. Soft, yet rich and creamy this premium tea’s grassy and floral profile will surely appeal to green tea enthusiasts. Be aware, the Crane Monk as character. Its broad range of qualities combine in the most natural way to elevate the tea drinking experience to a higher plane.

Aroma: Alpine, Grassy, Morning Mist

Taste: Cream, Soft, Round

During this pre-launch phase, we have worked hard to make the Crane Monk Light Oolong Premium Tea available to early customers at a 50% discount on the 25g Starter Pack. Quantities are however limited to the first 50 customers so secure yours early! If you haven’t subscribed to our mailing list please do so in order to always get the scoop on our latest promotions.

We’d also like to thank Steepsters for all the support, kind words, and great reviews. We invite you all to go to to secure your Crane Monk Starter Pack, and checkout our blog, too. You can also follow us on twitter @templeroadtea, or like us on Looking forward to your feedback, please feel free to ask us any questions. Enjoy!

Best regards,
Geoff and Max

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