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2014 New Harvest from Spring: Experience it with TeaVivre

TeaVivre says Hello from tea gardens of spring tea!

Now is the end of March. The weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to pick the lovely green tea buds. On March 24, 2014, our founders of TeaVivre start their 2014 Spring tea journey, aiming to find the best tea garden and tea leaves for every tea lover.

Do you want to be close to the tea garden, and enjoy the fresh aroma from tea leaves? Just follow with TeaVivre to visit the tea garden, watch the harvest of tea leaves and process of making tea, and start your journey of 2014 spring tea.

Stay tuned with us for the newest update of our 2014 Spring Tea Journey!

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TeaVivre said

The First Day: Arrive at Hangzhou

Hangzhou is truly a flourishing city in Spring. Flowers at the West Lake has grown and come into full blossom. We took a rest there in the afternoon, preparing ourselves for the next day’s journey to the Dragon Well tea’s origin place: Shifeng Mountain in Meijiawu Village.

We can see a good harvest is waiting for us.

So pretty

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TeaVivre said

The Second Day——Arrive at Shifeng Mountain

We have once reported a news of Hangzhou’s long jing tea trees being fried by high temperature in 2013’s summer. The disaster made us and many tea lovers worried about 2014’s spring tea.

However, by arriving at the tea garden, we surprisingly found a large areas of green tea trees thrived so well as in former years. The fresh green view of spring fairly ease our worries.

The lush tea trees on the mountain bespeak that the good harvest of this year’s spring tea is not far off.

Beautiful pictures; thank you for sharing them with us!

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TeaVivre said

The Third Day: Visit Yixing

On the third day we made a small change on the agenda, by firstly visiting Yixing. This place is renowned as the “Capital of Pottery” from ancient times, producing high grade Yixing clay teapots. TeaVivre’s Yixing teapots are originated from here.

After admiring the amazing art crafts in Yixing, we started our way towards Tian’mu Mountain in Hangzhou.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us all! I am having a lovely time reading the entries!

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Dxniel said

Looking forward to being able fresh 2014 shifeng dragon well tea!
Last year I purchased dragon well tea from teavivre. This was the second time I ever had dragon well tea. I really liked teavivre’s dragon well tea a lot! I wanted to buy more of the shifeng dragon well, but it was no longer available.

I’ll definitely be buying 2014 dragon well from teavivre!

TeaVivre said

Thanks so much for your support, I’m glad you like our dragon well tea.

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Sil select said

Thanks for sharing this journey with us :)

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