Caramel Matcha at 80%OFF !!!!

We are doing some experimenting and market testing. We’d like to offer you our #1 seller: Caramel Matcha with some preset options at 80%OFF for ONLY $4.99. For those that never tried it, there is no more excuse to do so. For those that like it, it’s time to save some money.
Limited amount available. Let your friends know, this will not last long.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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Tealizzy said

Oh, man, I just missed this! Ordered some at full price this morning! That’s a bummer.

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I’m trying but one second my shipping says $4.12… I don’t change anything then it says $9.99. Seems a bit high for what I’m buying.

Fixed it! I couldn’t resist ordering some of these! I was worried about running low on matcha the other day.

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Thank you everyone for taking part in our test. We were able to find ways to lower the price of our flavored matcha and we’ll show you the results within a few days.

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After the Caramel Matcha Test we were able to test the time it takes to prepare this product in “mass production”, giving us significant time savings which in turn translated into savings for our customers. While the $4.99 price were set only to get as many orders as possible in a very short time, the final settled price is at 60%OFF: $9.99.
Thank you again for taking part in our test.

ifjuly said

neat! thanks for keeping us informed, i love hearing the ins and outs. and great to know it’s so much less now, yay.

Tealizzy said


Just curious as to what other flavours you plan to offer like this in the future? I notice the site says it’s “produced with the most popular options”

Unless it’s already up there and I missed it!

Edited – never mind, I clearly misread that. I now see it probably means that you produced this with the most popular options (as in, distinctive level, etc)

So I guess the question is DO you plan to mass produce more flavours of matcha this way? :)

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Yes, I do. I’m at the second stage of testing this to see how popular it would be at the discounted price for $9.99. No reason to produce larger quantities if it’s not selling. So far we are on the good track. :-)

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