Last Day to Enter the Traditional Medicinals' Wellness Kit Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

We’re currently hosting a giveaway with Traditional Medicinals. You have the chance to win a “medicine cabinet” from them which is a kit that contains FOUR of their wellness blends.
- Throat Coat
- Ginger Aid
- Roasted Dandelion Root
- Nighty Night

For more details and to enter follow the link:

The contest closes April 8. Feel free to enter as much as you can each day, and best of luck!

*Please note: This giveaway is limited to Canada only. The teas are packaged differently by country so the medicine cabinet kit is Canadian specific. Thank you for your understanding.


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First time ever that I can say this: DARN. It’s not open to the US! ><\

You lucky Canadians, you. ;P best of luck to my Canada friends!

Haha. I know what you mean! So many contests I’m ready to sign up for an realize I can’t because of where I live. I’ll keep you posted if we have another giveaway open to U.S. too :)

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Entered, but I don’t have a twitter.

That’s okay! Twitter would just be bonus entries. You still have a chance to win :) Thanks for entering!

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