What is your favorite recipe for tea cocktails?

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jessica said

thanks for all the comments…
this weekend’s picnic was quite tealicious with a kick of the brew to add to the fun

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Our staff tried making a greenTini by adding a shot of our favorite artisinal loose leaf tea geisha beauty to vodka. Even if you don’t infuse it you can get that tea flavor by making a strong shot of tea out of nice leaves!

Cofftea said

Or a matchaTEAni:)… a matcha green apple TEAni would be amazing!

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jessica said

O! Greentini sounds fun! And by the way I absolutely love the teas at Sanctuary T! It is one of my local favorites.

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TeaParT said

Nevermore posted a recipe for Earl Grey liqueur that seems to fit in both areas. Here’s the link so that we’ll be about to find it either place.


Nevermore said

Ah ha! I didn’t even think to look for a thread about tea and alcohol. Mmmm – two of my favourite things together.

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Joker said

Peach flavored brandy 70 proof with peach iced tea has a wonderful flavor. Use lots of ice too.

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Janefan said

I came across a couple tea-based cocktail recipes this week (without even trying to, i swear!) and decided to resurrect this thread to share them.

Bourbon Tea Punch with Citrus Ice Cubes:

Smoky Iced Tea and Whiskey Cooler:

I’ll admit the combo of Lapsang Souchong and Whiskey is intriguing to me, even though I don’t love either of them separately. Maybe they would be great together?

I’ve heard that Lapsang Souchong is sort of the whisky of tea, and that a lot of whisky drinkers like it? I’ve never had whisky, but from what I heard, it seems like that makes sense.

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I don’t drink – still underage, haha – but Tea Forté has a whole line of teas-for-cocktails:


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