Butiki Teas Custom Blend Contest Winning Tea Now Available: Lemon French Macaron

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Just an FYI that our Hello Sweetie is now online! Coconut, Banana, Praline (nuts), and toffee with our Premium Taiwanese Assam base!!! Yum!

Any news as to when the Mango and White Chocolate tea will go up?

Sorry, it might be a while for that one. We need to get our new plain teas up before finishing up on the flavored teas. As far as the flavored teas go, that one needs the most work so the Pecan Toffee and Plum Brandy Cheesecake will probably be a priority since they are almost done.

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Yay!!!!! Just placed an order!!! I was soooo happy to wake to this news!! ( I think this post might belong in the “you know you’re addicted tea when…” thread haha)

Awesome! Hahaha. :)

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Oh my goodness, I may just have to order both of these!
I’m a sucker for anything lemon and I love macarons and that Hello Sweetie sounds to die for! Being pregnant may have put me off tea and I’m still trying to get my lust for it back, but I never stopped enjoying my Butiki teas!

They are both pretty fantastic! I hope you get back to enjoying tea again. :)

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I am looking forward to the lemon one. Not a fan of coconut or banana so I have to skip Hello Sweetie. And, I have a great idea for the next custom contest!

Glad to hear that you are looking forward to our new lemon teas! We look forward to hearing your idea! :)

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ifjuly said

woo hoo! i love the interview too. excited to try (and grab more HS!) and congrats again to Mary; i think all three of those are awesome ideas!

Glad you enjoyed the interview! They were fantastic ideas. There were sooo many amazing ideas submitted.

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Butiki order just placed! I didn’t get the lemon though. I had my first white tea yesterday and it scared me off a little. I just wanted it to taste like….more. Not fair to judge them all based on one I know. I did order a bunch of others that look great though.

Thank you for ordering with us! You might consider trying an Indian white tea. I find them to be maltier and a better introduction white tea. Also, don’t be shy on the amount of tea used for steeping a white tea. :)

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pyarkaaloo said

that is too funny. one of the first teas i added to my wishlist on Steepster was the Hello Sweetie before i realized it was a custom (and discontinued) blend. SO happy to learn it is available again! :)

This was our first time offering it. The reason why so many people got to try it was because James was so generous and shipped out a lot of samples. :)

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OMG are you already sold out of Lemon Macaron AND Hello Sweetie?? I was waiting till pay day on Thursday to buy :(

Kaylee said

What? Nooooo! You’re going to restock, right?

I’m not entirely sure, but we pulled it anyway since they are both either sold out or close to being sold out. Unfortunately, we did not anticipate this volume of sales and the quantity purchased of both per order is also much higher than anticipated. We ran through 3 large batches of Hello Sweetie very fast and 1 1/2 large batches of the Lemon French Macaron. The ingredients should be here on Friday. If so, we will open ordering on Friday, if not then they will arrive on Monday. Sorry :(

I can wait, no problem! I’m just glad you are making more! I’ll save some money so I’m ready to pull the trigger next time they’re available. Congrats on the high sales volume! That’s awesome! :D

Stephanie-Hopefully the wait won’t be too long. This level of sales was really unexpected, especially for the Lemon French Macaron. Typically, our white tea sales are lower and lemon is not a huge selling flavor. Also, customers usually don’t buy the largest size, especially for a new tea so this was just really unexpected. We are really happy with the sales. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the new teas, especially those that purchased large quantities. :)

I was going to buy some of the Lemon even though I’ve never tried it because I’m particularly confident in your white tea blending abilities! :D

Stephanie-I’m super happy with how the lemon came out. Mmmmm. Glad you enjoy the white teas because we are working on another one at the moment. :)

Kaylee said

Oh, I can definitely wait a bit. I can’t justify another order until I sipdown at least 6 of my current Butiki teas. Seriously, I just counted – I have 26 different teas! It’s madness! So yeah my big fear is that there won’t be any lemon left towards the end of the month (-_-;)

Stacy, this isn’t the first time you’ve been surprised by the volume of sales. It’s time to get used to being the popular girl at the dance :-) Your teas are awesome and people are catching on.

Kaylee-Whoa, that’s a lot of teas from us! Indeed, the last few months have seen a nice jump in sales. We will make sure we are better prepared when adding new teas. :)

keychange said

Oh, I, too, am confident in your white blending abilities, stacy! I pretty much won’t have white tea from any other company, but I can always trust your whites to be full of flavour! mmm

Thanks keychange!!! That is very sweet of you. :)

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