Muppets Lipton Ad

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Aww, I love that! And it reminds me that I wanted to watch the Muppets movies.

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Jen M said

The ad was cute (I’m a sucker for anything with Kermit), but the ad that most people skip through before watching the video you wanted to watch? That was HYSTERICAL. For a product called PooPouri. I seriously hope this is real. Did anyone else get that ad and watch the whole thing?

I’ve seen the PooPouri ad on other videos. At first I was like ‘For realz?!’ /cackle/
But it’s an actual product. (I checked) Comes in a variety of scents apparently too. XD

Jen M said

I also checked the website…and the names of some of their “flavours”?! Oh my sweet baby Jesus. I laughed so long and hard…I just might have to break down and buy some of this stuff. Forget whether it works or not. Don’t even care. Can you imagine walking into someone’s guest bathroom and seeing that on the counter?! Giggles galore.

Anyway. Sorry for derailing. Tea…back to tea.

Kat said

I have literally never laughed so hard at a commercial. It’s actually shockingly clever. And it is a real product. I kind of wish I had someone to buy it for as a gag gift.

But yes, love the muppet commercial, too.

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Tea At Sea said

“be more tea” Awesome

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