Best tea gift!?

So my sister is going to meet her boyfriend’s family and she wants to get them all little presents. It’s actually pretty adorable! Anyway, we know that his sister likes tea so my sister wants to get her a cute little tea gift set or sampler. We have looked at a few so far, and are thinking of something like the Sweet Indulgence sampler set from David’s Tea. Has anyone tried this before? And if not, does anyone have any other tea set recommendations? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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darby select said

I haven’t had that set from David’s but got another one and just love the sampler sets! That would be a perfect gift!

Thanks Darby! It’s good to know that the other sampler sets are good. It makes me feel more comfortable about getting this one!

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VariaTEA said

I have not gotten the set but I have tried many of the teas and there is definitely a nice selection there.

Thanks VariaTEA! It’s good to know that at least some of the teas are good! It is definitely a gift I would love to receive, and I can only hope that this girl will love it too!

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Katiek said

It’s a fun gift because bringing dessert is a typical “thank you” gift, but this is dessert in a tea form. ‘even if she’s not into flavored teas, it’s the sort of thing she could share with someone else for a “fun” visit.

Thanks Katiek! That is definitely a true statement! “Fun” visits are made all the better by delicious tea!

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Do we know what sort of tea this person drinks?

Hey brother mentioned that she is not a huge fan of green teas, but loves chais and earl grays. Other than that I am not entirely sure.

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