Mariage Frere's order split - Canada

I am really wanting to do a marriage frères order but it is just so expensive, especially with the shipping! I will be travelling down to Vancouver and Seattle in May and would be able to deliver teas so that we don’t have to pay extra shipping costs. If you are outside BC and WA and are interested in a joint order, message me anyway as it will still be cheaper than ordering alone!

I have just been playing around with it and found that shipping to Canada and the US is the same. Here is the breakdown of the shipping costs according to number of 100g tins in euros:
1 item – 23.50
2 items – 25
3 items – 23.20
4 items – 28.5
5 items – 28.5
6 items – 28.5
7 items – 28.5
8 items – 31.20
9 items – 31.20
10 items – 31.20
11 items – 31.20
12 items – 33.10
13 items – 33.10
I’m sure the next 2 items will be 33.10 and it will keep going up in that fashion, so it seems the more you buy, you are getting a wayyyy better deal on shipping. And if we wanted some of the same teas, we could split those as well, because I don’t really need 100g of a tea I’ve never tried. I am mostly interested in the Heritage Gourmand line, but there are a few others I’m interested in.

Let me know if you are interested!

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If you don’t find anyone locally let me know, I could be interested and I may also have a friend near me who I bet would be interested. I’m in Canada but on the East coast :)

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MissB said

There are a few places in Vancouver that sell tins of MF teas as well, if it helps.

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MissB – Thanks! I am looking for the heritage gourmand teas mostly, but I’m interested in a few others. Do you know if anyone sells the heritage gourmand. And do you know of any names of places that sell MF?

Whatshesaid – That might work if you have someone else interested. If it’s just the two of us, it might be the same price just to make separate orders. But it might be cheaper for the two of you to order together without me….

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