How do we find you outside of steepster?

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AJ said

I am very concious about linking myself between websites, but in my profile is a link to my personal site, which has links to all the main sites I am on that I am comfortable sharing (LibraryThing among them—I am [like a few others, I came here from there]). I lack accounts on most of the main networking and blogging-such sites (I do, theoretically, have a blog on xanga, however I do not update it and use it mostly for rambling about books I have read), so no myspace, twitter, facebook, nexopia, etcetera for me.

I go on a lot of forums, however I don’t often share my usernames.

In retrospect, it’s pretty difficult to contact me. I don’t give out my email (I hardly check it anyway), and Steepster is one of the few sites I check daily (other than the three dozen webcomics I read).

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Maitri said

Hello, I’m new here and I just want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful comments and reviews! I have been working on a book, “Tea Mind, Be Kind,” for 2 years (Reviews of Teas, Info/contact info about companies, and an armchair travelers guide to tea in a daily journal type framework. The trouble is there are too many teas, too little time, but ah, what a journey! It’s so good to see you here and I love ordering new teas based on reviews here. They are a real help.

A good cup of tea to each of you!

“Have a cup of tea with me!”

Maitri Libellule

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So i’m curious… I know we are all tea lovers (why else would we be here?) but do you guys tweet/blog/write about tea on your other sites? Personally, I keep all my tea-fanatic tendencies on steepster :) I tend to post about my Asian pop culture stuff on twitter/facebook/livejournal…

Mel said

I might write about teas on yelp! if a certain place serves a great tea. I also rate tea houses on yelp!, too. I have when a place serves a great tea, and won’t tell you where it’s from! Some are personal blends, too.

MKstuder said

I am the national Tea Examiner for
I also write two tea blogs, but rarely have time to do so.
I sometimes write something on the message board for the Los Angeles Tea Meet-up group.

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Beckara said

I have a webcomic, twitter, tumblr…all of which can be found on my website

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amandajo said

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Meghann M said

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