Going to an Asian grocery tomorrow.

Any gems I should keep an eye out for? I am afraid I will leave something awesome because I can’t read the packaging.

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teaenvy said

Many of the packages are made for ea
nlish speaking markets. While the labels will be in Chinese or other languages a close insoection will reveal tiny english labels stating the type of tea.
That does not tell you which are the good ones but at least you will know what you are buying. Also, though I have not tested this, some teas wont have these english labels and are often of higher price, I suspect these are the better quality teas. The english labels can be a clue to mass marketed lower quality tea. my theory any way.

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boychik said

Every time I go, I spend around $15. upon trying i realize that its just average tea. i try to avoid going there. at this point I’d rather spend a little more to get the tea i love. Just my 2 cents

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This is what I got.

The container was interesting enough for me to buy it whether the tea is any good or not. When I went to the market, there were rows and rows of not very interesting tea bags, then this really interesting container sitting by itself. Inside the package is a rather large vacuum packed package of tea, which I haven’t opened yet.
Pictures of it: http://imgur.com/BcKXIjV

Any insight? Obviously pu erh but beyond that?

Dexter said

Sorry no idea, but it look like fun. I’ve actually had pretty good luck with “mystery” teas. Let us know how it is when you try it.

Oh hey, Golden Bridge Brand, I have had their Pu Erh before and it was tasty. Quite rich and earthy.

yyz said

I think it’s another puerh. Check out teavivres name list.

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Seemed like a bargain at $6.99!

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