Butiki TTB - Finished

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Arshness said

Could I possibly join the end of the list or at least be an alt?
I have never tried Butiki so I’d love to be a part of this.
I understand it’s already on the way, but I wouldn’t mind just being added to the very end if that’s a possibility?

Just to clarify, it’s not Butiki teas.

Like Marzipan said, this box isn’t made up of actual Butiki teas. It was started by Butiki with leftover unflavored samples from when they made their blends.
As of this time the box is closed to new entries and we don’t use alts. The list just gets shuffled if necessary. But I’ll keep you in mind if the box goes around again.

Arshness said

Okay will please poke me if it does. ^^ I love TTBS :D

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I’m really enjoying the teabox. Of course even Butiki rejects are really good teas. :D I’m planning on mailing on Wednesday…

Thanks for the update. I was going to be giving you a poke this afternoon to see what the status was since it’d been awhile since you got the box.
Don’t forget you’ll be shipping the box to teamore.

Yeah, sorry about the wait. If I mail it on Wednesday I’ll have it two weeks. There was so much I wanted to try though! I already have Teamore’s address…

No problem. I figured a week/week and a half for someone to keep the box. Two weeks is really the limit just so it doesn’t take forever to get around to everyone.

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I mailed the teabox to Teamore today! Tracking says it should be there on Friday.
I tried a ton of teas that are still in the teabox but teas that had one teaspoon left and I removed or finished:
Japanese Black 2013
Kenya Purple Oolong
Kenya White #1
Wen Shan Bao Zhong #1
Yezi – Jin Pin
Eco-Cha – Red Jade
Whispering Pines – Yunnan Gold

I added:
Zen – Assam Mangalam Second Flush Organic
Zen – Yerba Mate
Zen – Yangtze Mao Feng
Verdant – Silver Buds Yabao
Puerhshop.com – 2013 Premium Classics Yunnan 58 Black
Puerhshop.com – 2009 Loose Golden Leaf Imperial Puerh Ripened
Simple Loose Leaf – Formosa Oolong
Simple Loose Leaf – Japanese Sencha Saga Green
Adagio – Green Rooibos
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Fujian Congou Black
Teavana – Golden Monkey Black

I also wrote this info on the papers with the teabox.. it’s tough to track where the teas are going/coming from which is half the fun sometimes, for me anyway. This is a teabox where I will actually be removing more teas from my Steepster cupboard than I’ll be adding! Thank you everyone for another positive teabox experience!

oh and here is the link to the one big tasting note I wrote for the teabox: http://steepster.com/Tea%20Sipper/posts/250838#comments

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I have had the box since Friday and have only sampled the various black teas so far. I will spend a few additional days going through the Darjeelings. I really appreciate the opportunity to drink various flushes and seasons side by side.

I always have a running box of teas to put into whatever traveling box shows up so I will also add various teas before I send the box to the next Steepster on the list.

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Kaylee said

Got it! Yay!

I’m still getting over just how much tea is in here. A few flavored teas did make it into the box somehow, so I am double bagging them in thick ziplocks to help avoid smell contamination.

This is my first TTB and it is awesome!

Ah good. I’m glad it got moved on. I wasn’t sure of the status of this since teamore didn’t respond to the message I sent her.
If the flavored teas are at all scented where you can smell them through the plastic, it might be best to wrap each one up in a bit of aluminum foil instead since I’ve found even double ziplocking them sometimes doesn’t help. I’d prefer to remove them entirely since this is supposed to be purely unflavored and they shouldn’t have been added at all. shrugs

Kaylee said

I can remove them and just put them up for swaps.

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So moraiwe seems to have gone missing from the site. So for the moment we’ll be skipping her and sending it onto the next person on the list (TastyBrew).
I’ll put moraiwe on the list after CharlotteZero until we hear back from her.

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So the box’s journey is at an end. TastyBrew dropped out, neither Moraiwe or CharlotteZero have responded to mesages and it’s been almost a month since their last tasting notes/since I’ve seen them around. So the box has been shipped back to me. A shorter journey than I was thinking overall, but so it goes.
I probly won’t be sending the box around for another round since it was more of a hassle to keep track of than I thought and more stressful than I realized. Since Stacy doesn’t want the box back and I really don’t need a whole box of misc. tea added to my already bursting cupboard, what I’ll most likely end up doing is I’ll see what’s left, divide it up randomly into bubble mailers, then offer the mailers up for just the cost of shipping.
So keep an eye out for that if you’d be interested. I’ll put more details up after I’ve seen what’s now in the box.
Thanks for everyone’s participation.

Maybe someone else would like to host a second round? I can put a notice out if you are ok with that. I also have much more tea that I could add for a second round. What do you think?

I can run another one if you want Stacy.

That would great, Marzipan. I think there is interest in another box.

Shadowfall-I would be happy to pay shipping charges for you to send the teas to Marizipan if it isn’t too much of a trouble.

How full is the box?

Also, Shadowfall, thank you soooo much for curating this box! I really appreciate all of the work you put into it. :)

Frolic select said

I’d love to join if there is a second round.

Mandy said

Oh my, yes please I would love to get in on another round so I second (third?) sending it to Marzipan

Cheri select said

I participated in the other box, but I have to say that this box really got me to branch out and try other types of tea, finding some that I really liked that surprised me. And there were so many that I didn’t try from the box, too!

I would totally be interested in participating, too! :D

I’ll post a thread once we get it all together. The second box is fairly close to being done as well. I’m happy to keep both going, I have enjoyed it.

So after talking with Shadowfall and discovering what is left in this box, I think it is smarter if we just do the one second round with Marzipan’s box and I will supplement that box with more teas. Will have some great new teas to ship to Marzipan, including a Kenyan white purple tea that was just harvested. Yums!

Ok, I’ll keep you posted when it comes back in.

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