Trading best practices?

What is the best way to trade loose leaf if you are splitting packages? I have a lot of small zip loc bags (like craft size) that I thought of labeling and using, but is there a better way?

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Angrboda said

I tend to go for small ziplocks myself.

It depends on who I’m swapping with actually. With Auggy it’s not so much a swap anymore as it’s the yearly care package, and we tend to send each other larger amounts of each tea. We can do that because we know each others’ tastes and preferences so well. With others, I’ll do much smaller amounts.

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keychange said

I think small ziplock bags are just fine. If you want to send larger quantities, you can either put a few of the small zipped bags into a larger one, with a portion or two in each bag, or just use a larger bag for the whole thing.
Happy swapping!

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I’d just make sure that the ziplock bags you use are safe for food. I recently bought some smaller bags at a craft store intending to use them for swapping. Before I had a chance to use them, I noticed that they had a warning on the packaging “do not use for food”. The plastic they were made of also had a very strong odor, which I would not want to leach into a tea…

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