Dear Steepster, how would you like to be part of a tea movie?

Dear Steepster,

For the past year that The Snooty Tea Blog has been running, it has been a pleasure to share tea with you, reviewing and sip-’speriencing together the infinite leafy possibili-teas.

Even though tea-drinking and tea love is an international tradition, only now do we see tea getting noticed in mainstream culture. Thus, I have started working on a documentary. Or rather, a documen-tea-ry.

We’ll be hitting up all sides of the country, but this time we’re talking tea: why people love it, and why should we give a cup about where it comes from.

With the magnitude of the tea industry, this project has the potential for major impact.

Steepster, we have already proven capable of effecting great things in the tea community. We’ve lent our support to other Kickstarters within the tea industry and helped bring the dreams of these small startup folks to fruition. How awesome is that? Isn’t it sa-tea-sfying to go beyond the little flavor-word of our cup every once in a while?

This is the kind of thing that “Communi-tea” is about.

Therefore, please take the time to donate. $10 is a bag of good leaves—and in this case, it still goes towards tea. If that’s not currently within your means, please share the link to the Kickstarter for “Communi-tea: A Documen-tea-ry.”:

Every ounce of your support counts. Let’s make this happen. Together, “Communi-tea” may become a reali-tea—with liber-tea and jus-tea-ce for all.


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Project info has been updated and more rewards added. Thank you for your support so far!

Many cheers.

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